The Truth About Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato

Olivia Amato is one of Peloton's most popular instructors. People like her classes because she's positive and fun, but she'll also challenge you and test your limits during her intense workouts. Per her Peloton bio, Amato was born and raised in New York and grew up playing a number of sports, including field hockey, lacrosse, and track. Amato was also a cheerleader, which definitely shows in the way she motivates and cheers on the people taking her classes.

Amato began her adult life with a career in the finance industry, but switched over to fitness to follow her passion and see if she could make a living doing what she loved — something she certainly has (via HOLR magazine).

Of course, Amato's days aren't all about 24/7 fitness. Being a Peloton instructor comes with a lot of additional responsibilities that most people taking classes probably never consider, and Amato's days are definitely quite busy. For starters, she wakes up at 4 a.m. every Monday morning so she's prepared for her 6 a.m. class. After that, she says, "I usually take a few minutes after class to cool down and collect my thoughts, and then I go back to my apartment to feed and walk my dog, Tobi" (via HOLR).

Olivia Amato fills her days with things besides exercise classes

After Tobi is walked and fed, Olivia Amato's day really begins. "I make a shake for myself and start to plan my classes for Tuesday and Wednesday," she told HOLR. "I usually have content development around 10 a.m., where my producers and I discuss recent content and ideas. Usually, other meetings pop up such as social, talent, and marketing meetings or meetings with individual producers about new class ideas." 

It might not seem like all of that is going on behind the scenes while she's in the middle of a class, but Amato is basically always working — plus she has her own workout to think about! "I try to get my own workout in mid-day and have an early-ish dinner because I start to lose steam later in the day," she said. How does she wind down after a busy day? "I like to read and burn a candle or incense an hour before I do my skincare routine, brush my teeth, and go to bed!" she told HOLR.

Olivia Amato doesn't follow a specific diet, but she is disciplined

Many Peloton fans want to know everything they can about the instructors and their lifestyles, which makes sense – they're the people guiding you through those intense workouts. Olivia Amato hasn't revealed much about her personal life, but she did tell Delish that she's a creature of habit, even when it comes to what she eats.

"When I find something I like, I stick to it," she said. "There is a small restaurant in Flatiron [a neighborhood in New York City] called Green Symphony that I love. The food is so simple and healthy, and I always feel great after I eat it." She told Delish that one of her recent dishes there was "steamed veggies, brown rice, and a veggie patty with tahini and hot sauce." 

Amato says she doesn't follow a particular diet or limit what she eats. Instead, she eats when she's hungry and believes in "everything in moderation." She does say that when she knows she's going out for dinner with friends, she will eat lighter throughout the day.

Olivia Amato doesn't believe in giving up

In her Peloton bio, Olivia Amato says she likes to "lead by example." And that means never quitting — whether in a workout or in any goal you're trying to accomplish. "By staying with you throughout class, I can show you that sometimes, all it takes is getting out of your own way to accomplish your goals," she said. 

Amato emphasized that philosophy in an interview with PopSugar"I would never quit anything early, so why would I quit an exercise or workout three seconds early?" she said. "In reality, the only person I am negatively affecting if I quit early is me." 

According to Amato, not ending a workout early — even if it's just a few seconds — also teaches you how to push through and get comfortable being uncomfortable. "The magic happens when you push through that uncomfortable feeling," she said (via PopSugar). "If you are used to giving up early, dig deeper, and push through and see what happens!" 

Luckily, she offered some sound advice for any of us who struggle to complete a demanding workout or project: It's all about really applying yourself to the task at hand, instead of taking the easy way out. As she told PopSugar, "Change starts with you. Honor your ability and the strength of your body and mind!"