What Does An Anchor Tattoo Symbolize?

Just as any art form carries with it special meaning, tattoos allow us to create special meaning on our own bodies. Whether you create your own tattoo or pick one from a pre-selected variety of options, tattoos inherently carry meaning because of the social connotations of words and images. Of course, you can have your own beautiful meaning, too — there are simply layers to tattoos.

A lavender tattoo, for example, may allude to delicacy and whimsy, while a black rose tattoo will mean something entirely different despite them both being plants. The same applies to lily tattoos, too.

Anchors, too, are a common tattoo choice, and when you think about it, it's easy to see why. They're just one object and yet they represent and symbolize so much. They're affiliated with the sea because that's where they're used, and they're further associated with the idea of grounding and closure because they hold boats in place in the water (via the Symbol Sage). "The first anchors that resemble the common depiction appeared around the 1st century in Rome," the Symbol Sage explained.

Moreover, jewelry is often made in the shape of anchors because it can represent unrequited love. Because of this, anchor necklaces and other anchor jewelry are often given to significant others by their partners once they've established a deep bond, according to Nomination. While anchor jewelry can be beautiful, what exactly does an anchor mean on the human body?

Combine an anchor with this other tattoo if you want to show someone you love them

When it comes to tattoos, anchors symbolize "stability, peace, strength, determination and passion," according to Hative. Anchor tattoos have been around practically forever, per Hative, and they've carried the same symbolic meanings with them despite blowing up in popularity in recent years. The anchor stands for resilience, and it's because of this that they're often also paired with other images, such as a rose or an infinity symbol. The infinity symbol tattooed in conjunction with the anchor, for example, sends a message of never giving up.

Furthermore, according to Tattoos With Meaning, anchors can represent a sense of grounding, which makes sense given their function at sea. This is a more spiritual side of the anchor, with this meaning making you feel connected to yourself and the environment around you. Getting an anchor for this reason would also help serve as a reminder when you see it that you have a purpose on this planet and should be proud of the environment you've created for yourself. And if you don't like your environment, you can change it.

Of course, anchors can simply hearken the sea, making them good tattoos for sea goers if they want to represent their industry. Our favorite usage, though, might just be anchors tattooed in conjunction with hearts, as these represent the sheer power of true love and its never-ending grace.