What We Know About Ariana Grande's The Voice Debut

From children's television series to topping charts and now coaching other aspiring singers, Ariana Grande has had quite the stunning transformation. In recent years, the pop star has grown increasingly private, and we can't blame her. Her general fame and her notoriety within the music industry escalated at a supersonic pace, and her relationships became very public. Still, after everything she's been through, the "God Is a Woman" singer connects with her fans often, and even gave them the inside scoop into her wedding, which was otherwise private.

Now, Grande is proving herself once more as she takes on one of the biggest music stages in the world, NBC's "The Voice." She's joining the series' 21st season as one of four superstar judges who will turn their chairs to singers they feel that they can help get through to the show's finale, all in hopes of winning — or perhaps simply not letting any of the other judges win (via People). The coaches on this show are notoriously petty with one another, after all. Grande will be coaching alongside Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend, the former of whom was surprised by one particular Grande fact.

This is why Ariana Grande fits right in at The Voice

The addition of Ariana Grande to "The Voice" serves multiple purposes. Not only will she bring more viewers to the program due to her massive fanbase, but she'll also play a role in trying to prevent Blake Shelton from winning a ninth season of the NBC competition series, per Entertainment Weekly. In fact, fellow coach John Legend joked, "We hired Ariana Grande."

"Having Ariana join us this season is the freshest thing ever, so it's really fun, and she's been incredible," Audrey Morrissey, an executive producer, explained (via Entertainment Weekly). The pop star has also gotten advice from Shelton, per People. "I'm proud of you," he told Grande in a clip from Season 21. "When I'm not in the mix, I'm trying to help the kid out," her further said, then joking, "I'm excited about Ariana joining the show because it's somebody new for me to beat. I'm tired of beating John every season — and Nick," with the latter referring to Nick Jonas, who's coached on several seasons.

Grande has added her own shenanigans to the series' existing gags, too. In the same clip that Shelton praises Grande, she is seen fitting in naturally with the other judges' tomfoolery, hitting a "thank u, next" button — a button that plays a short clip of Grande singing the phrase from her titular track — to stop Legend in his tracks from recruiting a contestant. Grande seems to be having ample fun, and we can't wait to have it with her.

Season 21 of the hit series premieres on Monday, September 20, 2021, per People.