Does Meghan McCain Miss Working On The View?

When Meghan McCain announced her impending departure from "The View" in early July 2021, the public became curious about what was next for the conservative. After a few months of secrecy, she revealed in September 2021 that she will become a columnist at the Daily Mail (via New York Post). She tweeted, "Everything in my life these days is about going back to basics. I started as a columnist & am thrilled at the chance to return to it @DailyMail. I am so excited to work in a completely uncensored free space." McCain also explained in a statement that she's excited to share her opinions without fear and to know that her column will reach a global audience.

While the 36-year-old is excited about her new endeavor, it's hard to imagine McCain won't miss her time on "The View." Luckily, she sat down with the DailyMailTV host Thomas Roberts to reveal how she feels about leaving the popular show (via Daily Mail).

Meghan McCain was ready for a change

In an interview with DailyMailTV, Meghan McCain said that she's excited to take her career in a new direction (via Daily Mail). She shared, "After The View, like post-View, I really want to do things that I think are meaningful and impactful and make me happy. And this, working for this company, really hit all three checkmarks." McCain added that she doesn't regret leaving New York because she's grown to love her new life in Washington D.C. She said, "When I think about where I want Liberty to take her first steps and her first words, I just have this wonderful life here that I felt ultimately like I didn't want to leave."

Ultimately, McCain is happy she left "The View" when she did because it was on her terms. She explained, "I was happy that I got to make the decision and be in control of my own life." However, the former host will always look back fondly on her time at ABC. She concluded, "And, you know, The View was and is incredible and gave me so much. I don't feel anything negative about it. But I also really pride myself in life on knowing when to hold them and when to fold them, like I'm such a gambler."