Here's What You Should Be For Halloween If You're A Gemini

If you are a Gemini, Halloween may be one of your favorite holidays. Not so much for the dark and spooky stuff, unless you've maybe got Scorpio rising, but strictly for the party aspect. The Guardian, notes that 68% of adults and 93% of children in the U.S. celebrate Halloween, which makes it the third largest party day of the year. (New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday take the top two spots, in case you were wondering.) Wherever you find a good party, there's bound to be a Gemini right in the middle of it, so Halloween is always marked with a red ring on your calendar.

Whether you like to prepare months in advance or tend to wing it at the last minute, there's no doubt you'll come up with a fun, creative costume. While you may have dozens of options, here are a few Halloween costume ideas that have Gemini written all over them.

Go with the whole twin concept

The one thing that even non-Geminis know about the sign is its symbol is the twins (via Your Tango). You can definitely go with the whole twin theme for a zodiac-inspired costume. It even works for couples or friends costumes if you want to dress all matchy-matchy with another person. You could even do something truly adorable by twinning with your pooch. (Bonus points if you can manage a similar hairstyle.)

If it's just you, try something a bit trickier to pull off by going as your own mirror twin or a half and half look. The basic concept might involve dressing both sides of your body in opposite colors. Black and white would be classic, but you could venture a bit further by pairing red and blue, gold and silver, or even preppy pink and green. The most difficult (and expensive) part of such a costume might involve finding identical garments in your chosen colors and then cutting them down the middle and stitching them back up so you'll have parti-colored clothing. 

If you don't have the time or the budget to go this far, you can just stick to being your own twin from the neck up. Think Cruella de Vil hair plus contrasting face makeup. Follow some YouTube tutorials for a somewhat subtle version of the latter with contrasting shades of eyeliner and mascara.

Dress as your spirit insect

One of the terms that best describes the Gemini personality is "social butterfly," although you could also call this sign the zodiac's "busy bee" (via PrepScholar). Both of these concepts could make Halloween costumes. A bonus is that neither one is particularly difficult to throw together, even at the last minute.

Your basic bee and/or butterfly costume starts with a black long-sleeved top or bodysuit paired with black leggings or tights. It ends with a pair of deely bobber "antennae." If you want to be a bee, you simply need to add yellow stripes to your basic black ensemble. You could do so by sewing on wide strips of ribbon or, for a no-sew option, go with yellow duct tape. Duck Brand even published a DIY bee tutorial using their product, although they start with a yellow shirt and add black tape which is also a thing you could do. 

For a butterfly, just add colorful wings instead of stripes to your base outfit. You can make butterfly wings from muslin fabric hot glued or sewn to the arms and sides of your shirt (via Skip to My Lou). Poster board attached backpack-style with ribbon arm straps also works (via Alpha Mom).

An aviation-themed costume pays homage to your true element

Gemini is an air sign, according to The Cut, so why not go with an aviation-themed costume? If you're the crafty type, MomSpark provides directions for turning a pair of Amazon boxes into a wearable airplane. You will need some pretty large boxes for an adult-sized costume, though. If you don't want to put in quite that much work, or you'd prefer a costume that's easier to maneuver in, you could always hit up the vintage clothing stores to pull together a cute 1960s stewardess look.

Another super easy, air travel-related costume is something dreamt up by blogger Desert Chica — an air traffic controller. This costume consists of an orange safety vest (hit up your local Walmart), sunglasses, and big, clunky headphones. Desert Chica made her marshaling wands (oh, so that's what those things are called!) out of orange duct tape which was wrapped around toilet paper rolls, but an orange pool noodle would work as well.

These costumes reflects your ruling planet

As a well-informed Gemini, you are probably aware that your ruling planet is Mercury (via Astrograph). This concept lends itself to quite a few costume ideas. For starters, you could always dress as the planet itself by making a model out of papier-mâché or merely affixing a cardboard cutout of the planet to a basic black shirt and leggings combo. You'll probably want to include a label reading "Mercury," since that planet lacks instantly recognizable characteristics such as Saturn's rings or Earth's oceans.

You could also dress as Queen's Freddy Mercury in his signature white tank top, tight belted jeans, and slicked back hair. Don't forget the mustache! You could also cosplay as Sailor Mercury with a schoolgirl outfit and a dark blue wig (via SheCos).There's also Hermes, who was known as Mercury in Greek mythology, and wore a winged helmet (via European Southern Observatory). You could also attach cardboard wings to your shoes to complete the look.  

For inspiration, think of the FTD logo (via Exotic Flowers). Go with a bronze or gold-colored shirt and tights and matching face paint to give you that "statuesque" air.