Here's What The September 20 Full Moon Means For Air Signs

A full moon can mean many things across various cultures, and the full moon on September 20, 2021 will be no different. These lunar phases also carry different meanings across various systems of astrology. For example, Vedic Astrology centers itself around the moon, so your moon sign is key if you follow the Vedic system. 

The full moon purnima, or the time at which the full moon peaks, is expected to bring the moon's ultimate light and energy. This can help you connect with your intuition and seek clarity. It can also provide mental energy, which makes it a great time to begin new endeavors. However, this can also create a restless energy that can result in insomnia. This makes it a great day to meditate and chant mantras, per Eshwar-Bhakti.

Meanwhile, the Chinese astrology system relies on the lunar calendar in which a new month starts every time the moon aligns with the sun and Earth (via Travel China Guide). While the Chinese zodiac elements do not include air, those who are born on a day with a full moon tend to be diplomatic types, per China Highlights. Similarly in the Vedic system, babies born on a full moon day are believed to be intelligent, with a magnetic personality. 

However, if you follow Western astrology, InStyle reports the upcoming full moon will provide different insights for each air sign, but it will have everyone looking within themselves to figure out what is missing in their life.

How the full moon will affect each air sign

Geminis will become career-focused, with the full moon helping them gain an inner understanding of what it will take to progress in their careers (via InStyle). This is especially good news if you are a Gemini who feels like their work is under-appreciated and/or not recognized. 

Libras are known to seek balance in life, and luckily, the full moon will help you achieve an equilibrium. If you're a Libra, you will seek self-care and well-rounded, holistic health. This will also help you feel more optimistic and hopeful, as the focus on self-care will invigorate feelings of creativity and spontaneity. So Libra, take a deep breath in of this breezy fall air, and breathe out any toxic vibes because this is your time to focus on your well-being.

Last, but certainly not least, fiercely independent Aquarius will take this time to concentrate on important money matters. Having autonomy over life decisions is a priority for Aquarians and so it shouldn't be a surprise that the full moon will cause Aquarius to look into strengthening their financial and emotional security. Your natural sense of adventure will also kick in during the full moon. So, this is the time to think big and outside of the box for the analytically-gifted Aquarius. Nothing is too big of an aspiration for you! Live wild and free!