Breaking Bland Season 2 - Details We Know So Far

Fans of HGTV have a new home improvement show to add to their must-watch lists. Season 1 of "Breaking Bland" premiered August 5, 2021 on the network and follows interior designer Mary Welch Fox Stasik as she helps people express their unique personalities in their living spaces. Set in Charleston, South Carolina, the show takes viewers along as the designer livens up Southern homes with Stasik's bold, big-city style. 


Stasik started her design career in New York, but she now lives in Charleston with her husband and daughters. In a promotional video for the show, she says, "I do truly respect Charleston's style, but if I'm going to put a fish in your space, it's probably going to have a mohawk on it" (via Twitter). The first season recently ended its seven-episode run, leaving viewers eager for more of Stasik's one-of-a-kind designs. Here's what we know about Season 2 of this home renovation reality series. 

No release date has been announced for Season 2

Season 1 of "Breaking Bland" recently finished airing, and HGTV has not yet announced whether the show will return for a second season. No ratings information is readily available, and while it has yet to be determined where this series will fall on HGTV's best or worst shows list, viewer reactions on social media seemed to be favorable to first-season episodes. One Twitter user wrote: "Can't. Stop. Watching. Breaking. Bland." Another tweeted that it's "a fun new show." 


If the network does renew the series, it will most likely return in summer 2022 and follow the same format as the first season. Designer Mary Welch Fox Stasik hasn't shared any updates about a possible second season on her Instagram page or website, but she featured a behind-the-scenes blog post about each episode of the first season. Viewers interested in a Season 2 announcement should follow her on social media for up-to-date announcements. In the meantime, HGTV has aired at least one marathon of the first season, allowing new viewers to discover the show.

Designer Mary Welch Fox Stasik seems willing to return

The star of HGTV's "Breaking Bland" is designer Mary Welch Fox, whose full name is Mary Welch Fox Stasik. She explains in her blog that Mary Welch is her first name, Fox is her maiden name, and Stasik is her married name. In business, she goes by Mary Welch Fox, although her nickname is Melch. Her goal on "Breaking Bland" is to break the mold by transforming the living spaces of her clients using bold choices more common to big cities such as New York than Charleston, South Carolina, where the show is filmed. 


However, she also incorporates her clients' personalities into her unique designs. Her family — including her husband, musician Ryan Stasik, and their daughters — are also featured in most episodes as she juggles her personal life and design work. In an Instagram post, she expressed her appreciation to the crew of the series and shared her hopes for a Season 2: "Now off to keep on working on myself and my craft so hopefully if this train rolls around again I'll be ready to slay with you wonderful people again."

There are few details about Season 2 of Breaking Bland

We don't currently have a lot of details on Season 2, so we aren't sure if it will be filmed in Charleston, South Carolina or if it will change designers and locations. However, chances are good Mary Welch Fox will return since the show's concept seems built around her unique style of design. While Season 1 only consisted of seven episodes, a second season could feature more episodes if the first season's ratings were favorable. 


"Breaking Bland" also seems likely to follow the same model as other HGTV shows, including "Fixer Upper" and "No Demo Reno," in which clients pay for the design work while the network gifts them funds for one big item, such as a sofa (per Reality Titbit). This keeps production costs down and makes subsequent seasons possible.

While viewers wait on a decision about Season 2 of "Breaking Bland" (via HGTV), the first episodes are available for rental through VOD services such as Vudu and Amazon Prime Video.