Here's What Nicole Kidman Really Thinks About Her Marriage To Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman is an actress whose IMDb page lists out work in films such as "Eyes Wide Shut," "Moulin Rouge," and "Cold Mountain." She's appeared in television shows such as "Big Little Lies," "The Undoing," and "Nine Perfect Strangers," which premiered on Hulu in August 2021 and has new episodes each Wednesday (via

She is also known for her marriages to fellow celebrities like actor Tom Cruise and country music star Keith Urban. She met Cruise in 1989, while filming the flick that marked her Hollywood debut, "Days of Thunder." They were married from 1990 to 2001, via Marie Claire. She then met Urban in January 2005, the two tied the knot in June 2006, and they share two daughters, Sunday and Faith.

Obviously, her relationships have always made headlines, and she has stayed reserved, especially when it comes to her past with Cruise. However, when talking with the Daily Mail, she opened up a bit about their high-profile marriage of 11 years.

Nicole Kidman stated she's been wary and hurt in the past

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise met in 1989, they got married in 1990, and they have a daughter, Isabella, and a son, Connor, together. In 2001, they divorced due to "irreconcilable differences."

When speaking with Harper's Bazaar about getting together with Cruise, the actress said, "I was young. I think I offered it up?" She went on to say that she has been "wary at times," as she has "been hurt." Despite that, she once said her divorce led to "work that was applauded," as reported by The Telegraph, and additionally, she was not against a new relationship.

"I'm always trying to be as open as possible. I just prefer to live in the world that way," she continued. "My husband says that when he met me, he said, 'How's your heart?' And I apparently responded, 'Open.'" (via the Daily Mail). It was apparently so open, in fact, that Kidman and Urban "didn't really know each other" and "got to know each other during [their] marriage" (via The Telegraph).