Here's How Survivor Fans Can Play The Game At Home

"Survivor" first premiered on American TV in May 2000 with 16 strangers going head-to-head on an island to win $1 million. Now, the wildly popular reality show is on Season 41 (via Entertainment Weekly). Watching the contestants compete in challenges, build and break alliances, and get eliminated makes for fascinating television, but after so many seasons, the show keeps looking for ways to shake things up and keep viewers interested. With the latest season, debuting on September 22, fans have a new way to interact with the show and get involved.

"We are going to try something new where we bring the audience inside the game at various points throughout the season," host Jeff Probst revealed to Entertainment Weekly. "So, at times, the fans will know something before the players know, so that they can play along. We're only doing it a few times, but if it is well received, we have ideas on how to expand this idea in coming seasons." There's not too much more that's given away, so you'll have to tune in to find out more about this year's twist.

There's also a game specifically for kids watching the show

It looks like there's also an interactive kid specific aspect to this year's show. "We have something brand new that is specifically designed for younger, future 'Survivor' players," host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly. "It's called The Game Within the Game. Each week there will be a rebus puzzle hidden somewhere within the episode. It might be hidden within a challenge, or at Tribal Council, or even underwater!"

"Kids have to spot the puzzle, solve it and then input their answer online," Probst explained. "It plays for the entire season and pays off at the end." It sounds like you'll have to really pay attention to be able to get the answer.

A rebus puzzle is one where a series of symbols or images represent words, and you have to figure out what phrase the images depict (via Merriam-Webster). Like a picture of an eye, followed by a heart, and then a sheep would mean "I love you."