Here's What You Should Be For Halloween If You're An Aries

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When it comes to buying or creating (for the DIYer out there) a Halloween costume, almost anything goes! That's what makes it fun, right? In fact, according to Google Trend's Freightgeist tool, the top three costumes in the U.S. in 2020 included a witch, a dinosaur, and Harley Quinn — while not entirely original, these are three solid costume ideas.

If you're still undecided on who or what you're going to dress up as, why not let astrology be your guide this Halloween? Believe it or not, your zodiac sign may help you decide on the perfect costume (via PureWow). Aries (born between March 21 and April 19), for example, are known for being courageous, determined, and a bit impatient (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). 

"Aries will be content with a quick makeup illusion or a statement piece that is easy to put on," astrologer Guadalupe Terrones tells Reader's Digest. "Aries rules the head, so likely most of their costume will be makeup, a headband, or something else they can wear and take off [easily]." 

With that in mind, here are three Aries-inspired Halloween costume ideas to consider.

DIY ram horns for the perfect Aries Halloween costume

Why not go all in, and just be yourself? The Aries sign is symbolized by the ram (via This is probably because, like other zodiac signs, Aries are associated with one specific body part, and for this sign, it's the head (via Elite Daily). Similar to a ram, Aries are headstrong and notorious for their short tempers (you could call an Aries hot-headed) and stubbornness. The good news? Dressing as a ram is super easy and can be done on the cheap.

If you're going for a classic ram look, Bustle recommends wearing brown leggings, a brown top, clogs (with shearling fur), and a pair of costume horns. This is just one variation of the ram costume — there are literally hundreds of ways to do it. If you're unsure of where to get your horns, try looking on Etsy, Amazon, or a costume site like Spirit Halloween. Or, if you're the crafty type, make your own! There are tons of tutorials on how to make DIY horns on Pinterest.

Xena: Warrior Princess costume is another option

In 1995, "Xena: Warrior Princess" made its big on-screen debut with Renaissance Pictures (via IMDb). It was a show full of action, mythological creatures, and drama. Xena, a badass warrior who was in search of redemption, was the protagonist. Throughout the series, Xena worked to overcome the wrongs in her dark past (via ScreenRant), only to leave fans with an unsettling finale in which she dies in order to set 40,000 souls free. Despite the show's short lifespan (it ended in 2001, according to IMDb), her character still lives on in the hearts of viewers — both new and old (via Entertainment).

Like so many Aries out there, Xena was a strong, independent, and sometimes ferocious woman. She was a true warrior who, in some episodes, saved Hercules (via Entertainment)! Who would have thought he'd need saving? And, here's the real kicker: Lucy Lawless, the actress who played Xena, is an Aries. According to Hello Astrology, Lawless was born on March 29, 1968. To get Xena's fierce look, you can visit Amazon for a pre-made costume (there are some really cool corsets on there) or head to Pinterest to find a few more affordable DIY options.

A Siren costume is perfect for Aries

Sirens are powerful, dangerous, mystical, and cunning creatures that, according to Greek mythology, lured sailors to their deaths with their beautiful singing (via World History Encyclopedia). According to the World History Encyclopedia, sirens were half-woman, half-bird (see Google Arts and Culture). But, as time went on, many people began to depict sirens as femme fatale mermaid-like creatures instead.

In the "Book of Monsters," sirens were described as having a human top half and scaly tails, lurking in the ocean (via Vice). Half-bird or half-fish, these mystical women share several Aries characteristics. They were monstrous sea-nymphs who bewitched sailors with song and occasionally competed with the muses (via

Whether you're fond of the original siren or the siren-mermaid hybrid (which you can find in a number of fairytales and movies, including "Harry Potter"), both versions are easy to imitate. For the half-bird version, you could wear a bird-inspired masquerade mask from Etsy paired with a black dress and tights. Or, for the mermaid-esque version, you could slap on a few scaly temporary tattoos (also on Etsy) and follow a mermaid makeup tutorial on YouTube.