If You're An Aquarius, These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

Independent, intellectual, socially conscious, and perhaps just a bit eccentric — that's the Aquarius personality in a nutshell. People born between January 20 and February 18 are the free thinkers of the Western zodiac. With their innovative ideas and love of social justice, Aquarians can be important forces for change, and they have an innate ability to bring together people to make those changes happen. 

Aquarians are highly sociable sorts who make friends easily and work well in teams. The Aquarius-born might find their next friend at a political rally, a yoga class, an alt-rock-reggae concert, or just waiting in line at the movies. Per AstroStyle, they may even value their pals more highly than their romantic partnerships. But they like to keep things casual, with the freedom to go off on their own when the mood suits them. If they don't answer your texts for a while, don't take it personally. They may have just decided to take a cross-country trip or run a webinar. 

Although Aquarians are easygoing enough to get chummy with just about anyone, there are certain signs that really click with them — and others, not so much. Read on to see which zodiac signs make the best friends for the Water Bearer.

Aquarius gets along best with these sociable signs

Geminis top the list when it comes to friend compatibility for Aquarians. As a fellow air sign, the Twins share Aquarius' love of communicating and exploring. The two signs also value their independence, so if one of them is especially busy, the other won't flood them with texts saying, "Are u mad @ me?? Pls call!!!" (via Bustle). Libras and fellow Aquarians make compatible friends for similar reasons. Another good match for the Water Bearer is Aries — the Ram is an innovator, and Aquarius is only too happy to follow their lead if it means making new discoveries along the way.

Certain other signs are less likely to be an Aquarius' ride-or-die. For instance, Capricorns' preference for routine and tradition can seem dull to the forward-thinking Aquarius (via Tarot.com). Leos share their love of music and entertainment, but their intense emotions may overwhelm the more chill Aquarius. Cancer isn't the best friend match, either — they tend to be needy in relationships, which clashes with Aquarius' need for freedom and spontaneity. And while Aquarians appreciate Virgo's intellect, they can't understand why their pal with the September birthday is so obsessive about changing their bathroom and kitchen décor to match the seasons. (An Aquarius would have no problem putting out Halloween guest towels in July.)

But any good friendship involves compromise and acceptance of each other's quirks. If Aquarius can focus on what they and their friend have in common, they can find friends within all signs of the zodiac.