Was This Really Joe Biden's Reaction To Donald Trump's Video Golf Setup In The White House?

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The last five years have been an emotional whirlwind of presidential proportions. When Donald Trump succeeded Barack Obama as President of the United States, changes came a plenty, and then when Joe Biden won 2020's presidential election, people hoped for relief. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as well as raging economic and social issues, relief hasn't quite come. Now, furthermore, insights into Trump's time in office continue to arise.


The rocky nature of the presidency in this country is ever changing. Recent polls and comments can tell us how voters are feeling, but every president and public official has their blunders. Such is the name of the political game, but should it always be like that?

Now, Biden has learned about Trump's video golf setup in the White House, a setup that's not too surprising given public knowledge of Trump's affinity for golf. In fact, according to The Washington Post, the former president played 261 rounds of golf during his single term in office, but that number may only account for rounds played on physical golf courses, not on his video golf setup.

This is the real reason Joe Biden was upset about Donald Trump's video golf setup

Donald Trump was criticized for playing too much golf for all of his presidency, and it's now clear that Joe Biden shares these criticisms. According to People, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa's new book, "Peril," highlights Biden's reaction to Trump's "toys," which he first saw upon moving into the White House this January.


"Trump's existence permeated the White House," Woodward and Costa write in "Peril." His belongings were still there, and he had more than made the White House his during this tenure. Woodward and Costa recall Biden exclaiming, "What a f****** a******," upon seeing his video golf setup for the first time. Important to remember is that Biden spent eight years in the White House as the nation's vice president during former president Barack Obama's two terms in office, so he's a reliable source in telling the difference between the state and the White House's current state. "We were here for eight years, just not in this part of the residence. Spent a lot of time in the Cabinet Room and the Oval with the president. So upstairs [in the private family quarters] is new," Biden told People back in January.


"Peril" was released on September 21 and can be found on Amazon.