Christina Hendricks Reveals How She Keeps Her Iconic Red Hair Healthy

The stunning Christina Hendricks has been sporting fiery red locks ever since her "Mad Men" days, and it has become her signature style. "People have a lot of opinions about me as a redhead," she told Glamour. "I think maybe more than with other colors"

Hendricks' bright ginger hair has been so commonly associated with her that many are surprised to learn that the actress is a natural blonde. She shared with Glamour that she's been dyeing her hair various colors (including purple!) since the age of 10, but there's something about the red that has stuck with her. "Red has always felt like me," she told the outlet. She also reported that she was inspired by famous redheads such as Lucille Ball and Tina Louise.

Because red dye tends to wash out faster than other colors and can take a toll on the follicles, it makes it the most difficult hair color to maintain (via Huffington Post). However, Hendricks clearly has no problem with keeping her strands looking fresh and vibrant whenever she's photographed. But how does she accomplish this? Keep scrolling to find out how Christina Hendricks keeps her iconic red hair healthy.

Christina Hendricks preserves her red hair color from home

Christina Hendricks revealed that although her hair appears as if it's salon-quality, she actually prefers to dye her hair from home because she lacks patience. She cautions against leaving the dye on for too long, though, and advocates for the Clairol Nice 'N Easy CC+ Colorseal Conditioner, a permanent dye that conditions the hair with a gentle formula that reduces damage.

But that's not the only step Miss Hendricks takes to keep her red 'do looking fabulous. The "Good Girls" star also recommends using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner because the effects tend to be milder. She told Byrdie that she uses the (now discontinued) Pureology Serious Color Care Shampoo and the matching conditioner in the shade fittingly titled "Reviving Red."

Another trick she recommends is to avoid washing every day in order to preserve the color and prevent the dye (and therefore your dollars) from running down the drain. And to finish things off, she makes sure to keep her hair out of the sun, as the UV rays can lighten the color (via Elle).

If you have a desire for red locks yourself but don't know where to start, following Christina Hendricks' tips and tricks will hopefully leave your hair looking like hers for as long as possible.