The Best Podcasts For Every 20-Something

Gone are the days when one had to manually tune in to their radio to catch up on their favorite audio talk shows. Thanks to the rise of podcasts in the early 2000s, one can now listen to talk radio whenever they want, and mostly for free, per Vulture. The best part about podcasts, however, is that there are hundreds of thousands out there, and they cover just about any and every topic one can think of. 

Still, whether you're an avid listener or new to the world of podcasts, it can get overwhelming trying to find the right podcast to suit your tastes and interests. On that note, there are some highly-rated podcasts — ranging from true crime to politics and self-care to pop culture — that produce quality content. To make your life easier, we compiled a list of some of these podcasts. 

So if you're a twenty-something and are seeking to fill your free time with something new and insightful, then keep on reading to discover your next favorite podcast. 

These true crime podcasts will captivate you

It seems like lately everyone is obsessed with true crime. From novels to Netflix, you can find true crimes stories in basically any medium, including (and especially) podcasts. There is a plethora to choose from out there, but according to The Typical Twenty Something, the one to check out is "The First Degree" podcast. "The First Degree" differs from other true crime podcasts in that it uses cast members who are actually one degree away from the case to tell the story. Talk about second-hand experience!

Another great true crime option is "The Murder Squad," according to Good Housekeeping. This podcast is not only super interesting but will draw you in even further as the audience is encouraged to send in their own theories and research while following the story. It can be quite a thrilling experience for those who love to play Sherlock Holmes. 

Check out these podcasts if you need life or relationship advice

It goes without saying that how we engage with others is one of the most important facets of our lives. From friends to intimate partners to co-workers, it's vital to know how to navigate these relationships in a healthy way. Still, things can get confusing, and that's where the "Betch Slapped by Betches" podcast comes in. "Betch Slapped," founded in 2011, is not only one of the veterans of female-led podcasts, but it's also really funny, too! So go ahead and give it a listen if you want both insightful advice and laughs (per The Typical Twenty SomethingBetches). 

A second strong contender when it comes to overall life advice is "Good Life Project (GLP)," per Inc. Built on its three cornerstones of community, education, and media, "GLP" is meant to "help you live a more meaningful, connected and vital life" by offering guidance and support and not "pop-psychology proverbs that make you feel good for a hot minute," as it's About page claims.

If you're looking to improve your health, try these podcasts

Sure, podcasts are entertaining and insightful, but they can also be an important and proactive tool for bettering your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

One of the best health podcasts out there is "TEDTalks Health," according to Healthline. This podcast discusses anything and everything health-related, from mourning the loss of a loved one to creating a menopause-friendly work environment and the latest in health technology and innovation. The best part is, the information is coming straight from the source (A.K.A. the world's leading experts in their respective fields). 

"The Ultimate Health," which has a 4.6 rating on Apple Podcast, is another highly-regarded health podcast, and it focuses on topics such as meditation, diets, and insomnia. It also offers holistic approaches to health for people who prefer an alternative to traditional medicine. 

And while we're on the topic of health, according to a 2016 study, listening to podcasts can help stimulate activity in multiple parts of your brain, including the areas that are responsible for memory, sensory activity, and emotion (via Healthline).

If you want to stay informed about current events, listen to these podcasts

We all know that life can get really busy, so keeping up with the news on a daily basis is a tough feat. However, in today's day and age, where the political and social landscapes are ever-changing, it's important for people to stay informed and up-to-date on what's happening. Podcasts are a great way to catch up on the news on your commute to work or while folding the laundry. 

One of the best news podcasts out there is "The Daily," which is produced by The New York Times and features five 20-minute long episodes per week, according to Forbes. "The Daily" is hosted by Michael Barbaro (who has a really soothing voice, BTW) and focuses on the biggest news stories of the day as covered by the Times' reporters. 

Another solid news podcast is "NPR Embedded," which prefers to go deep on a topic, rather than superficially brush over a layer of it. This podcast, which is hosted by Kelly McEvers, also tends to take a multi-episode approach on ongoing issues and stories, such as police shootings or the opioid epidemic (via Forbes). So if you're looking to be deeply informed on a story, this is the news podcast for you. Which one will you be adding to your library?