Meet Olivia Amato's Fiance, Daniel Waldron

She's the petite Peloton instructor with tons of bubbly life inside her who will push you places you never thought possible. All the while, you watch Olivia Amato sparkle, sweat, and always look absolutely perfect — with makeup that never runs and a mane of silky hair that remains pristine whether she's instructing you on the bike, on the treadmill, or on the floor doing strength training. In fact, Amato once admitted that she was wearing a wedding hair-do for a Peloton floor class and was determined not to ruin it as she was running to a ceremony right from the class. And now she's getting married herself.

On Sept. 9, 2021, Amato took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and boyfriend Daniel Waldron with the caption: "Sharing a little bit of my happiness with you." The words were accompanied by a heart emoji as well as one signifying a diamond engagement ring, and she had a sparkling ring on her finger. The congratulations poured in from fans and fellow instructors, but just who is this man Amato is engaged to?

Olivia Amato gave followers a surprise when she announced her plans to wed

Before announcing her engagement, Olivia Amato preferred to keep her private life just that — private. That's why it was such a happy surprise to everyone that she's soon getting married. Prior to becoming a fitness instructor and eventually a Peloton instructor, Amato worked in the world of finance and trading on Wall Street, according to her website, so it makes sense that fiance Daniel Waldron also works in finance. According to Irish America, Waldron was born in Galway and was the initial investor and co-founder of Alexander Nash, an upscale men's clothing brand.

Unlike Amato, Waldron prefers to keep a private Instagram page, while the woman he plans to wed has more than 340,000 followers. Still, Waldron's presence in Amato's life was kept secret until she announced their engagement. As the Peloton instructor told Parade in June 2021, she keeps her inner circle small, which might be why Waldron was a secret to her fans and followers until he popped the question.

"My friends and family mean everything to me," she said. "I keep my circle small; they are people who have been around for a long time. We want what's best for each other and the trust is real."