Who Is Odette Malone On NCIS?

Since it first aired in 2003, "NCIS" has taken fans on a seriously wild ride of government leaks, betrayal, and murder. The show isn't afraid of culling main characters. However, CBR explains that if a main character leaves, it's normally because they've been killed off. This wasn't the case for Agent Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham.) So, who is Odette Malone on "NCIS?" The Express explains that while she may have played a more minor character, Malone was a crucial part of Agent Bishop's departure.


Distractify explains that Odette Malone is played by Elayn J. Taylor and she was first introduced to the "NCIS" cast during season 16 of the show. Malone's primary role was caretaker in Ziva David's (played by Cote de Pablo) old cabin. When she enters the show, the other characters begin to question whether Ziva is really gone.

Sweet and unassuming, it's quite easy to think that Malone isn't a character of much significance. However, in season 17 it starts to become clear that she's one of the people that's keeping an epic secret that may lead to the departure of a central character. 

What is the significance of Odette Malone?

Newsweek explains that questions start to arise around Odette Malone when it becomes clear that she knows a lot about weapons. Her knowledge suggests that she may have had a career in the intelligence community. This isn't exactly the norm for the caretaker of a cabin.


She's a consistent character throughout seasons 16, 17, and 18, and The Express explains that it soon becomes clear as to why she's so significant to the plot. Malone is one of the only people who knows that David is still alive. She runs a school for young spies and in season 17, once they've gained each other's trust, she offers Agent Ellie Bishop some training.

Distractify writes that Malone doesn't appear in season 18 until the finale. However, Bishop has become a much more accomplished agent. It's clear that she took up the offer of training. It's been speculated that Malone could be the link that could mean that Bishop and David are reunited in the coming season.

In a dramatic season finale, CBR explains that Agent Bishop announces that she'll be leaving the NCIS team in order to put her newfound skills to better use. She'll be joining Malone on a secret mission.


It's shocking to see such a central character leave and it's unclear if she'll return and if this is the last that fans will see from Odette Malone.