How Jasmine From Lookalike Love Found Her Love For Vintage Fashion

Jasmine Chiswell from "Lookalike Love" is Marilyn Monroe's doppelgänger. The TikTok star has amassed over 12.7 million followers and 533.6 million likes and counting on the social sharing app with her vintage fashion reels, according to Social Blade. Her platinum locks, distinct wardrobe, and love of Old Hollywood glamour are all part of what draws so many viewers to her content, per Vogue.

Chiswell's striking resemblance to the late "Some Like It Hot" star makes her casting in Lifetime's reality series "Lookalike Love" spot on, as reported by TV Insider. A lifelong fan of Monroe, Chiswell and her husband went so far as to purchase the actress's former home with Joe DiMaggio as a tribute — and she claims the house is haunted (via Vogue). 

In a March 2, 2021 appearance on the Tamron Hall Show, the internet personality drew a hard line between impersonation and influence (via Youtube). She cited her love of 1950s fashion as the inspiration behind her everyday wardrobe, versus her just imitating the Old Hollywood starlet.

How Jasmine Chiswell became an avid vintage fashion collector

In a June 2021 interview with Yahoo!, Jasmine Chiswell revealed what sparked her interest in vintage fashion. "What first attracted me to dressing vintage, it was really just the Old Hollywood actors and watching old movies with my grandma," she explained. "I was like, 'Wow, they look like princesses. I would love just to dress that way.' And at the time I was really insecure."

The content creator also opened up to Yahoo! about her desire to transform her entire closet with retro looks, but hesitated due to fear of judgment. She recounted her first time stepping outside in vintage garb and getting looks because of it. She eventually tossed her fears out of the window, and the rest is history. "It took me some time to build the confidence to dress vintage outside of my house," she admitted (via Yahoo!). "And then I was like, 'Do you know what? This is the way I want to dress and I have to just build my confidence up and just do it.'"

Chiswell told Insider that she scores her vintage finds from all over the world, which inspired her first now-viral TikTok video on how people dressed in different cities during the 50s, including New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. Her follow-up video on more vintage trends from other cities further projected her into the spotlight, while putting retro fashion back on the map.