Here's What Home Improvement Star Zachery Ty Bryan Looks Like Today

Jonathan Taylor Thomas and his on-screen brother, Brad, played by Zachery Ty Bryan, launched their careers in 1991 thanks to the hit show "Home Improvement." For eight years, viewers followed the hilarious and heartfelt storylines of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor (played by Tim Allen) and his family, including his wife, Jill (played by Patricia Richardson), and sons Brad, Randy, and Mark (played by Taran Noah Smith), per IMDb.

The three Taylor boys went their separate ways when the show ended in 1999. Thomas, known as a heartthrob of the '90s, appeared in movies like "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and shows such as "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter," "Smallville," and "Last Man Standing" with Allen (via IMDb). He went on to study philosophy and history at Harvard University and graduate from Columbia. In June of 2021, he was spotted walking his dogs in Hollywood and photographed for the first time in several years (via Us Weekly). Smith left acting in order to run a vegan restaurant and catering company, volunteer with Communitere, and work for the Community Submersibles Project, per Us Weekly.

But what happened to Bryan?

Zachery Ty Bryan has continued to act as well as produce

Zachery Ty Bryan continued acting for several years after "Home Improvement" ended. The actor has had roles in several films and TV shows including "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," "Smallville," "Cold Breakers," "Boston Public," and "Veronica Mars" (via IMDb).

His last TV appearances were in 2009 when he appeared in "Thor: Hammer of the Gods," "Meteor," and "Knight Rider." Since then, he has transitioned to producing, with credits including  "Pistol Whipped," "Warning," "Heavy," "Skin," "Dark Tourist," "Rogue River," and "Prowl" (via IMDb). 

Yes, he has come a long way since his boyish days as Brad Taylor on the TV show "Home Improvement," as evidenced by a throwback Thursday picture of himself with co-star Jonathan Taylor Thomas (via Us Weekly). He no longer wears the semi-mullet and baggy '90s clothing trends that every kid was rocking back in the day and is now all grown up.

Zachery Ty Bryan recently got engaged, after splitting from his ex-wife in 2020

Zachery Ty Bryan's personal life has also seen its ups and downs. According to The Sun, he tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, Carly Matros, back in 2007. Together, the couple has four children: twin daughters named Taylor Simone and Gemma Rae, who were born in 2014; daughter Jordana Nicole, who was born in 2016; and son Pierce, who was born in 2019.

In 2020, though, the actor split from Matros. The following year, he announced his engagement to model Johnnie Faye. According to Us Weekly, a picture of the couple and the diamond ring he proposed with was uploaded to his Instagram account, which is currently private. The caption read, "You win some and you lose some. I'm thankful for a win ... finally!" 

Before this "win," however, Bryan hit some bumps in the road.

Zachery Ty Bryan was arrested in October 2020

Zachery Ty Bryan's life since "Home Improvement" ended includes acting, producing, getting married, becoming a father, getting divorced, and getting engaged again. He has also faced some legal trouble. In October 2020, he was arrested for reportedly strangling his girlfriend.

The incident took place in Oregon, with police officers responding to what was described as a physical dispute. According to the reports, Bryan assaulted the 27-year-old, obstructed her ability to breathe, and took away her phone, per the Associated Press.

In February 2021, he entered into a plea deal and stated that he was guilty of menacing (which is putting someone in fear of physical injury or death, as stated by Criminal Defense Lawyer) and fourth-degree assault. Because of this, the child star ended up with three years of probation. As part of his plea deal, he agreed not to have contact with the alleged victim and, in addition, six other charges (including strangulation and coercion) were dropped, as reported by Us Weekly.

What's next for Bryan? Aside from planning his wedding, he's expressed interest in reuniting with at least one member of the "Home Improvement" cast. When asked by a fan how he'd feel about making a cameo on Tim Allen's show "Assembly Required," he said it would be "pretty cool" (via Us Weekly). 

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