Here's What Home Improvement Star Zachery Ty Bryan Looks Like Today

Jonathan Taylor Thomas and his on-screen brother, Brad, played by Zachery Ty Bryan, launched their careers in 1991 thanks to the hit show "Home Improvement." For eight years, viewers followed the hilarious and heartfelt storylines of Tim the tool man Taylor (played by Tim Allen) and his family, including his wife Jill (played by Patricia Richardson), and sons Randy, Brad, and Mark, per Popculture.

The three Taylor boys went their separate ways when the show ended in 1999. Thomas, who starred in "Tom and Huck," "Wild America," and "Last Man Standing" with Allen, disappeared from Hollywood to finish college, according to Us Weekly.

Bryan, however, stuck with acting and continues to get cast in movies and television series to this day. The actor has starred in "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," "Smallville," and the movie "Cold Breakers," per IMDb. Anyone who has seen Bryan in any of these latest films and shows may be surprised at his appearance. Here's what "Home Improvement" star Zachery Ty Bryan looks like today.

Zachery Ty Bryan is all grown up

Zachery Ty Bryan has come a long way since his boyish days on "Home Improvement," as evidenced by a throwback Thursday picture of himself with co-star Jonathan Taylor Thomas (via Instagram). He no longer wears the semi-mullet and baggy '90s clothing trends that every kid was rocking back in the day — not to mention he's much taller and appears to keep in shape.

Unfortunately, the "Burn Notice" star's all-grown-up mugshot made headlines in 2020 when he was arrested on charges of strangulation and assault, according to USA Today. He pled guilty to two charges and was sentenced to three years of probation in February 2021 (via Today). 

Aside from legal troubles, Bryan continues his work in Hollywood as a producer and actor. His last TV appearances were in 2009 in "Thor: Hammer of the Gods," "Meteor," and "Knight Rider" (via IMDb). Additionally, Bryan served as a producer on 2018's "Heavy" and "Pistol Whipped," according to the outlet.

The proud father of four also manages to balance work with fatherhood. He posts photos of his little tribe on Instagram where it's apparent the actor enjoys being with his son and three daughters (via Instagram). 

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