Did Two Of The LuLaRoe Founders' Kids Really Marry Each Other?

If you've tuned in to the Amazon documentary series on the multi-level marketing company LuLaRoe, you likely remember the founders, DeAnne and Mark Stidham, quickly talking about two of their children being married (per Yahoo!).

The documentary was not supposed to be about the private lives of the founders, but rather the company they formed. However, "LuLaRich" ended up bringing out some interesting tidbits about the Stidham family. According to Bustle, the story behind creating the women's fashion company was outshone by its poor business practices, the less than impressive quality of the pieces, and of course, the 14 children in the Stidham's blended family.

The Stidham children played a major role in the LuLaRoe brand. Many of them have worked for the company with roles like VP of sales and head of leadership and culture. However, it wasn't the nepotism that got viewers of the documentary series talking so much as the subtle comment about two of their children marrying each other. What's that all about?

Two of the Stidham's adopted children got married to one another

While the concept of two children from the same family getting married sounds extremely inappropriate, there are a few things that should be known before jumping to conclusions about the Stidham family. According to Yahoo!, the 14 children involved in the family come from different situations. Some of them were DeAnne's children before she got married to Mark and vice versa, while a few were adopted by the pair.

The two children who got married, Anna and Michael, were both adopted by the family. They share no blood relation but were raised in the same household, making that part a little strange. In the documentary, the family shared, "So out of our 14 children, two of them are married."

While they are not biologically related, many people have gotten weird vibes from the situation. According to Betches, there hasn't been much explained about the dynamic of the now-married adopted siblings. Did they grow up together? How old were they when they were adopted? Answers to these questions may shed some light on the situation, but for now, it's a little uncomfortable to think about.