If You're A Virgo, These Are Careers You Should Consider

A stereotypical Virgo embodies earth energy in the way they devotedly analyze their relationships, conjure realistic daydreams, and demand perfection from themselves. According to New York Times astrologer Linda Goodman, the person "with the tick-tock mind, clicking away the hours neatly and methodically noticing the smallest details" is a Virgo.

Your rising sign and moon sign influences the way you're perceived by other people. However, if Virgo is your sun sign or is in the 10th house of your birth chart, this is probably how people identify you in the workplace. "Look at the qualities and the aspects and the preferences of the sign in the 10th house, and use that to shape your work environment," Liz Tran, an astrologer and wellness coach told Well+Good. If you are a Virgo or have the sign in your tenth placement and wondering what career path to follow, here's the line of work you'd thrive in.

Virgos can be great healers

Virgos are methodical perfectionists who plan and account for every moment in their day. In the workplace, that means Virgos are highly productive and conducive to detail-oriented jobs. According to Liz Tran, "Virgos are extremely analytical and perfectionistic, so they'll always do a good job ... You can trust that a Virgo will take whatever task is at hand and execute it really beautifully," (via Well+Good).

These qualities may translate well in jobs that involve research and proofreading or scheduling and accounting. Horoscope suggests going the accountant route or possibly computer engineering. You could also do well as a journalist, statistician, or an executive assistant — all involve timeline management and attention to detail and facts. As the ruler of the sixth house of healing, Virgos also make great yoga instructors, nutritionists, and therapists (via Astro Style). As a workaholic and super detail-oriented person, you're going to have your pick regardless of the field you choose.