Prince Andrew Hasn't Met His Granddaughter Yet. Here's Why

Prince Andrew's controversy is anything but over. The royal has been faced with sexual assault allegations for some time now, and his future in the royal family is up in the air. As his legal issues grow increasingly tense, Andrew has been in hiding, not being seen by the public and not making any public statements. In fact, according to Yahoo! News, the prince has been stowed up in Balmoral Castle in Scotland where officials have been trying to serve him court papers for his ongoing alleged sexual assault case against Virginia Roberts Giuffre. It wasn't until September 24 that Andrew's team conceded and accepted the court papers, though, he still hasn't left the estate (via Forbes).

This all comes at the same time that Princess Beatrice welcomed a child into the world. The baby, who is Andrew's granddaughter, was born on September 18, 2021, per The Mercury News. Beatrice's newborn is Andrew's second grandchild and was welcomed in London's Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The prince is currently in Scotland, so making it to London to see his new granddaughter would be challenging. 

Prince Andrew's alleged sexual assault case has international implications

As of September 25, Prince Andrew has not met his granddaughter, and it's likely because of the international implications of his alleged sexual assault case with Virginia Roberts Giuffre. According to The Sun, officials from the United States, Giuffre's home country, have been trying to serve Andrew papers for him to appear in court for quite some time, and they've finally been successful, per Forbes

In order to avoid officials, Andrew hasn't been able to go out in public, which is why he hasn't met his granddaughter. He has, however, most recently been seen driving around the Balmoral Estate. According to The Sun, photographers caught the 61-year-old Duke of York out on a drive around the 50,000-acre estate on September 24, but his drive remained in the confines of the queen's property. However, it was on this same day that it was announced Andrew's reluctant compliance with the U.S. officials, but he still has not left to see his granddaughter.

Andrew's ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, has seen the new royal baby. She traveled to London once Beatrice went into labor. It's unknown at present if or when Andrew will leave the estate, even now after accepting the court papers.

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