Here's How To Really Keep Your Houseplants Alive While On Vacation

Houseplants are a perfect addition to any home. They make cute decorations, they circulate oxygen throughout your home, and who doesn't love the satisfaction of watching something grow? You can be proud of them, and that feeling alone is worth investing in one (or a few).

Some houseplants come and go as trends – 2021's trendy houseplants are some of our favorites — but you have to ultimately choose the plants that make the best statements for you. Of course, some houseplants are better for beginners, but any houseplants are good houseplants if we're being perfectly honest.

One question that's often raised when someone wants to purchase houseplants for the first time, though, is how to take care of said plants while they're on vacation. How do plants stay watered, and how do you ensure they're getting enough sunlight? Rest assured, vacations, work trips, and anything of the sort are no reason to not spangle your home in plants that can quite literally improve your happiness and health, per House of Wellness.

Luckily for anyone who's wondered these things, we've got just the answer!

These are three different ways to keep your plants watered while on vacation

To keep your houseplants healthy while you're on vacation, there are just a few things you need to do. According to Food52, you should shower your plants until water begins draining from the bottom of their pots — this means they're fully soaked through. They even recommended repeating this a second time to ensure your plants are fully soaked. This soak will last one to two weeks, so they'll be good while you're on vacation. House Beautiful even recommended setting your plants in the bathtub and filling it with an inch or two of water to keep them soaked longer.

When you leave, you should also set your home to a moderate temperature. According to House Beautiful, plants should live between 55 to 80 degrees, so you may need to leave the air conditioning on while you're on vacation to be safe. Moreover, if you're worried about temperatures, move your plants to shady areas of your home to keep them cool (via Food52).

Finally, you can purchase self-watering mechanisms that will gradually water your plants if you don't want to follow the bathtub or showering ideas. These aren't too expensive and act as safeguards against any possible plant dehydration. With any of these practices in place, you'll be able to have a stress-free vacation with the knowledge that your plant children are cared for!