Olivia Amato Talks About Her Style Outside Of The Peloton Studio

Peloton instructor Olivia Amato will make you break a sweat with her intense workouts and motivate you to keep going with her energy and motivational words. Her Instagram page is the perfect blend of fitness advice, outtakes from her cycling classes, and OOTD shots in her colorful athleisure wear. 

In June 2021, Olivia Amato shared her wellness secrets with Parade, and she also opened up about how she stays physically motivated during exercise routines. "For me, setting an intention before every workout really helps me," she explained. "Knowing my 'why' before and during my workout is a helpful reminder to keep going when things get challenging." For more energy, she listens to Justin Bieber's 2021 single "Hold On" (via Parade). 

Amato's high-intensity exercise routines aren't the only things drawing followers in. She regularly posts pictures of her trendy workout clothes on Instagram, and each shot has fans asking for details on her wardrobe. Amato's personal style proves you can work out and look fabulous while doing it.

Olivia Amato's style is a cross between casual and trendy

Olivia Amato's personal style and what she wears during her Peloton workouts share a lot of similarities. A trip to her Instagram page reveals a closet full of leggings in stretchy, breathable fabrics; crop tops; and oversized jackets. She clearly prioritizes comfort, but also doesn't sacrifice trendiness. 

In a September 2020 interview with PopSugar, Amato shared her go-to looks off-the-clock. "I would say that my off-duty style varies, but my go-to is usually streetwear/athleisure," she explained. "There's nothing better than throwing on a cool hoodie and biker shorts. I also love wearing basics and adding accessories like a bag, jacket, and cool shoes to make it pop."

Amato also added that her outfit and shoes depend on how she's feeling (via PopSugar). "Some days I want to wear an Off-White hoodie with biker shorts and Yeezys, but other days I want to wear a dress with Doc Martens, and sometimes I'm just in a plain tee, jean shorts, and white sneakers. It really depends on my mood."