If You're A Pisces, These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

Do you have a friend who just intuitively seems to know when you need a check-in phone call or a Starbucks meet-up? The one who makes the best Halloween costumes, keeps detailed scrapbooks, and ugly-cries at Hallmark Christmas movies? It's a pretty good bet that your pal is a Pisces (or at least has a lot of Pisces in their chart). People born between February 19 and March 20 are the dreamers and romantics of the zodiac, according to AstroStyle. Their imagination and creativity makes them highly artistic. Since Pisces is the last sign of the Western zodiac, it's also said that they absorb all the lessons of the other 11 signs, making them compassionate and understanding (via Allure).

Pisceans value their friendships, and you won't find a more sympathetic ear than a Pisces pal. They're the ones who just "get" you without any judgment. On the flip side, sometimes they feel things a little too intensely and cope by withdrawing for a while — or in more serious cases, turn to alcohol or other unhealthy coping strategies (via Cosmopolitan). They can find it hard to face harsh realities or believe the worst about anyone, which can make them vulnerable to scammers and players. 

Anyone would consider themselves lucky to have a Pisces as a friend, but as with all zodiac signs, there are certain astrological matches that are better than others. These signs are best at cherishing a Pisces' best qualities and protecting their vulnerability.

Water and earth signs make good friend matches for Pisces

As a general rule, people tend to get along best with friends whose zodiac signs fall under the same element. Pisces make a perfect friend-match with Cancer and Scorpio; these fellow water signs understand the Piscean emotions, via Everyday Health. Cancerians are nurturing types who would never dream of hurting a Pisces friend's feelings, and Scorpios know the value of trust, and would never betray it by sharing a Pisces' secret with anyone. Scorpios and Pisces also like to go way below the surface (to use a water metaphor) in their conversations. Small talk bores them — they want to know what's really on the other person's mind. 

Earth signs also work well with water signs — their practical and organized nature can bring their watery pals' dreaminess down to earth. That's why PureWow cites Capricorn as being an excellent BFF candidate for Pisces. People born under the sign of the goat are sensible and goal-oriented, so they can help their Piscean friends take a step back when they suggest going on a shopping spree. Capricorn also has a way of looking beyond Pisces' outer flakiness and seeing just how much wisdom they have to offer. Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn are also understanding enough to know when their Pisces friend needs some space. In return, Pisces can help their Capricorn friend loosen up a bit and let their imagination soar on activities ranging from crafting to party planning.