Here's What Everyone Gets Wrong About Pisces

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, with those born between Feb. 19 – March 20. Because the Pisces symbol is two fish, there tends to be a lot of association with water. Which isn't wrong — Pisces do enjoy the water. But the two fish can have a deeper meaning, as they are tied together and swimming in opposite directions. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, "A person connected to this sign is a mediator between two different realities, with their biggest role being a bridge between life and death. This is a symbol consisting of two crescent moons and the line that connects them, representing two different states of mind and the link between them." This could be misinterpreted as Pisces being wishy-washy or unable to commit to a decision.

Pisces are known for many admirable qualities, such as being creative, kind, and spiritual, just to name a few. Despite having these traits listed in their plus column, there are a few misconceptions about Pisces. Read on to find out just some of the other ways our Pisces sisters and brothers have been misrepresented.

Pisces aren't all super-sensitive and clingy

Much like Scorpios, Pisces are very in touch with their feelings, and often yours. So much so, they are known as one of the empaths of the zodiac (via Pure Wow). Many believe this makes them overly sensitive, because they are so in touch with their feelings. Yes, Pisces can be rather delicate beings who find a need to express their emotions, but they aren't as fragile as you'd expect. They're much more concerned with the emotions of everyone else rather than their own. 

Because Pisces are deeply concerned with caring for their loved ones, this can come off as clingy. It's not such a bad thing to want everyone to be okay. And in wanting their loved ones to be cared for, Pisces love to spend time with them, to a point. A Pisces also enjoys and covets their time alone. When they do decide to retreat to their own corner for awhile, don't take it personally. They still love you, they just love themselves too. 

Pisces isn't just a judgmental dreamer

You haven't met a true mental escape artist until you have met a Pisces, as this sign is known for its escapist nature. Escapism can be fun, but Pisces must be careful that it doesn't spiral down into an unhealthy addiction. "Pisces can often suffer from addiction problems as they tend to have escapist tendencies" (per Exemplore). They can be dreamers who have their head in the clouds while ignoring what's right here in front of them on the ground. But they have a limit and they know when to join the masses back on Earth. When you catch them with that faraway look in their eyes, don't worry, they'll be back. 

Pisces is a sign very in touch with their feelings. They care very deeply about their loved ones and want only the best for them. When your Pisces is seemingly second-guessing everything you do, it's out of love. And when they are annoyed by you ignoring their advice, this may come off as judgmental. It's really not. They just want you to live your best life.

Pisces won't let you run all over them

Because it's important to a Pisces that their loved ones are happy, they are usually willing to do almost anything to make their lives easier. Almost. If you have ideas of using their kind heart against them, think again. Pisces are quick to recognize when they are being used and will cut you off just like that. They will not tolerate selfish behavior. It's best to approach with respect and sincerity, as you should any healthy relationship. Some people tend to mistake kindness for weakness and see that as a cue to try and take advantage of a Pisces (via Your Tango). 

Pisces are difficult to get to truly know because they effortlessly absorb and reflect their surroundings. So your Pisces may surprise you by doing something that seems out of character, but in fact they just happen to be in the right place that's matching their current energy. Much like their ruling element, water, they have a fluidity that helps them go with the flow.