If You're A Leo, These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

We all need a good friend: whether for romcom movie nights until 2am, swooning over Kate Hudson's yellow dress in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," or for crying on the phone after a bad breakup. Daily group chat meme fests, ice cream meet-ups, and conversations about the most date-worthy guys in "Sex and the City" -– friends are the sparkle in our everyday life. While you might already have a friend group you call home, or one or two BFFs you can't live without, there's always room for more friendships in life. And while it sounds just a bit out of the box, why not use the zodiac to gauge friendship compatibility?

We use our sun sign all the time when thinking about romantic relationships, pairing our birth charts with significant others as we nonchalantly ask them what time they were born (guilty!). But we don't often do the same with friendships -– and why not? Many of us spend more time talking to our friends than our S.O.s, and they serve as the building blocks to a fulfilled life. Per Mayo Clinic, research shows that friendships can decrease stress, boost self-esteem and joy, and help you deal with adversity. Friends give us "purpose," especially when they're über-compatible with us. If you're a fiery, rambunctious, proud Leo, you need friends that are just as ready to party as you -– but who also understand your need for loyalty and authenticity. Here are all your best zodiac friendship matches.

Sagittarians will bring out your wanderlust

First up, is there any surprise that Leos pair so well with fellow fire sign Sagittarius? As Leos, you are known as inherently wild, symbolized by astrology's boisterous, proud lion (via Allure). You love to live it up and don't really comprehend the whole "staying at home in PJs watching 'The Bachelor' thing'": for you, life is much better right in the middle of the action. You're the one friends call when they just got an invite (with a plus one!) to an extra-V.I.P. party with bottle service, or the one who everyone knows will pack up a suitcase at a moment's notice to travel to an impromptu music festival. Let's just say you keep it glam and crazy at the same time –- and Sagittarians are the perfect complement to that.

Just like Leos, Sagittarius have serious wanderlust and are happiest when traveling, meeting new people, and being the center of any get-together (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Just like you, they crave the spotlight and won't ever be intimidated by your natural shine. Instead, they'll be right there alongside you partying all night long. As per Bustle, Leos and Sags are "fun-loving friends," and aren't likely to experience drama or tension. Sure, both of you have seriously strong personalities, but your shared values of loyalty and freedom make you completely compatible. Every Leo needs a Sagittarius friend to go on adventures with, and they might even convince you to leave your beauty kit behind.

Aries and Leos are a match made in party heaven

The third fire sign to complete astrology's most rowdy trifecta, Aries are the wildest pairing for a Leo -– and you'll love that. As per Tarot, a Leo-Aries pairing is basically insane, in the best way possible. You'll create a new inside joke at every turn, befriend everyone that crosses your path, and keep everyone around you on their toes. Think random trips to island fêtes, unexpected party games at home just because, and yeah, some tequila shots. While Leos are seriously regal, Aries might be even more exuberant (via Allure). That being said, both of you are equally confident, and while Aries have a peppier approach to life (they are the "youngest sign" of the zodiac, after all), you both believe in seizing the day.

According to Tarot, Leos and Aries can deal with some "power struggles," but the tension won't last long. Both signs are infamously short-tempered but will forget about a fight minutes later. Bustle paints a Leo-Aries pairing as party-hard and full of positive energy, and Girlboss also states this pairing as one of the most fun of the zodiac. It's important to note that while both signs are social butterflies, Leos are stoic lions while Aries are fast-paced, head-first rams. While both love a good time, this friendship pairing is great for learning from each other. Leos will teach Aries the meaning of authentic friendship and how to slow down, while Aries will spark extra cheerfulness in Leos.

You'll love reveling in all things glam with Libra

Away from fire signs, Leos also pair unexpectedly well with polar opposite air signs. Astrologer Juliana McCarthy explained to Well + Good, "air signs can fuel fire signs with brilliant ideas and intellectual stimulation, while fire signs help bring air signs' mental energy into action." In short, opposites attract, and one of the best examples of this is the Leo-Libra friendship. Sure, Leos are louder and more spirited, while Libras are more pensive and poised. Leos will step right up to the plate as a party's court jester, making everyone laugh at that time they snuck into a celebrity party, while Libras will dazzle everyone with their diplomacy and artistic flair (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). These signs have a plethora of differences, but their similarities overpower them.

As per Allure, Libras are ruled by Venus, so they're all about aesthetic beauty, art, and yes, really nice clothes (it's in the stars!). Leos will gravitate toward Libras' similar tastes in fashion, since you're also known to shop up a storm, seeing the value in designer clothes and expensive objects. Find a better shopping pairing in the zodiac than a Leo-Libra mall date –- we'll wait. Moreover, while ethereal Libras aren't exactly seen as rowdy, they do love a great party and usually gravitate to louder personalities like Leos. Only hitch? Libras strive to make everyone comfortable and happy, while Leos are a bit more self-centered, so keeping the equilibrium right is key.

You can have tons of fun with Geminis

One of the most extraordinary friendships of the zodiac, Leos and Geminis are actually fast pals –- who would've thought? According to Allure, air sign Geminis are much more floaty than Leos, going from friend group to friend group in the blink of an eye. Geminis are symbolized by twins and stay true to their colors by always switching up their tastes in music, food, and even romantic partners. This comes in direct opposition to Leo's characteristically steady nature, presiding over the other signs as the dependable, trustworthy lion. Leos are unchanging in their ways, preferring to keep a few very close friends for life and putting loyalty over any other quality.

That being said, these signs share a few similarities that will allow them to form a deep friendship if they give each other the chance. Sure, Leos keep a tight-knit friend group, but of course they love to party, too. Frenzied, über-social Geminis will love Leos' wild ways, and these two will talk up a storm about any topic under the sun. Geminis mostly care about having a good time, and both these signs will appreciate a conflict-free zone that's all about having fun. When not at a beach party or bar hop, Geminis will teach Leos about letting more people into their lives and being a bit more carefree. Meanwhile, Leos can teach Geminis a thing or two about consistency and stability, and how to put realness and authenticity over people-pleasing.

And you'll learn from your opposite sign, Aquarius

Last, we have the two opposite signs of the zodiac: Leo and Aquarius. You might think being classically opposed to each other would mean hurdles at every turn, but that isn't necessarily the case. Per Bustle, each of you can lend "fresh insight" to the other, even if it might seem like another language at first. While you Leos tend to put your own needs first and love to bask in luxury, beauty, and lavish parties, Aquarians don't care about any of those things. As explained by Allure, Aquarius signs put other people and causes first, caring more about the planet and humanitarian crises than themselves. With nary a makeup routine in sight, Aquarians will scratch their heads at Leos' 15-step skincare regime –- but just like they always say, opposites attract.

Aquarius care mostly about society and will get lost in a politically minded book or write their own treatise about the state of the world. Since Leos will fight harder for their loved ones than any other sign in the zodiac, their attention is on their closest group –- not the planet. However, both of these signs understand the importance of being passionate about something, and both prize freedom above all else. Just like a lion will become depressed in a cage, Leos need ample space to roam, and as per Allure, Aquarians have the same independent streak. These signs will bond as travel pals and have a similar sense of humor.