What If Means If You Are Destiny Number 8

If you're reading this and have no idea what numerology is, here's a brief rundown: Just like how planets and zodiac signs relate to certain traits of a person in astrology, numbers are related to specific attributes in numerology. According to Allure, "these numbers are used to offer insight on personality, future events, and even life's greater purpose." Its roots go all the way back to the ancient Greek philosopher named Pythagoras, who thought the physical world contained energetic vibrations in the form of numbers. It's all very mathematical and mystical, but we could seriously talk about it all day, so let's move on to destiny numbers.

Within numerology, someone's destiny number is the root number that's associated with their name. To find out what yours is, you have to reduce your full name until it's down to a single digit. It's a process that involves giving each letter its own number using a key derived by our trusty friend Pythagoras, and then reducing it down through math until only one number remains. Honestly, you're gonna have to read up on the process and whip out a pen and paper if you don't know your number already; it's not terribly complicated, but it is kinda hard to explain.

Once you've done that and you find that your destiny number is in fact 8, you're going to want to continue reading to find out what exactly that means.

Negative traits of a destiny number 8

It's best to hear the bad news first, right? Even the most upstanding individuals have some flaws sprinkled in along with their strengths, and destiny numbers acknowledge that. So let's get into the traits of destiny number 8s that might require some work (or therapy!).

To begin with, people with this destiny number are born leaders. While that can definitely be a positive thing, 8s tend to struggle whenever they aren't in positions of power (via Matt Beech). Additionally, balance can be particularly tricky for such individuals. According to the numerology fanatic Matt Beech, maintaining a distinction between work and family can prove difficult, and focusing too much on the former — especially when there's failure involved — can put a strain on the latter.

Matt Beech also believes that an 8's independence ultimately comes from his or her darker traits, such as a massive distrust of others. Such individuals can get paranoid to the point that they think everyone is out to get them, so any type of competition can get out of hand pretty quickly, and being suspicious seems to be a default setting.

If you're an 8 who wants to know what all you need to keep in check, Prokerala puts it like this: "He should not be oppressive ... or authoritative, and not have a hunger for power, fame, money or material gains." It might be wise to copy that onto a sticky note and keep it on your mirror!

Positive traits of a destiny number 8

Now, onto the good news! Destiny number 8s are determined, hard-working, organized, powerful, and successful, per Matt Beech. As previously mentioned, they're natural leaders due to their responsible nature, strong commitments, and ability to motivate peers. Thus, many 8s become entrepreneurs or climb the ranks in careers in government, finance, or the military. According to Matt Beech, "People with destiny number 8 excel beyond any other destiny number. Your pursuit of power drives you past the boundaries. Your mission is to get through obstacles that stand in your way to the top, and stay there."

As Prokerala puts it, "Destiny Number 8 belongs to people who desire respect from others and are very ambitious in their lives. Such a person makes it his aim to accomplish great things and achieve outstanding success in his life." That said, 8s can certainly focus their need to succeed on things other than work — in fact, it's very healthy to do so. If they adopt the same attitude towards family, relationships, and friends as they do work, they will thrive in a well-rounded way. 

Additionally, Allure suggests that an 8's negative qualities can be lessened by the simple act of giving back to the community. The outlet writes, "by using his success to help others, 8 realizes that there is nothing more valuable than contributing to the greater good." To all the destiny number 8s in the world: Keep being you.