The Real Reason Ivan Was Forced To Leave Bachelor In Paradise

Ivan Hall has had a tough run on "Bachelor in Paradise." The 29-year-old engineer had not established a strong connection with any of the women on the beach, despite dating Jessenia Cruz early on (via Parade). Unfortunately, she started dating someone else — Chris Conran, who was later forced off the show due to allegations he had a preexisting relationship with Alana Milne (via Us Weekly).

Ivan next coupled up with Kendall Long, but she left the beach after admitting it was too hard to be there while her ex, Joe Amabile, was falling in love with someone else — Serena Pitt (via Bustle and The Sun).

Luckily, Ivan fell for a new contestant who entered "Paradise" — Chelsea Vaughn. Too bad for Ivan that two other guys were also interested in the model from Matt James' season of "The Bachelor," including Aaron Clancy (via Bustle).

Perhaps given the competition he faced for Chelsea's heart, Ivan felt he had to do something outside the box to stay on the show. But it seems he went too far, because Ivan was forced to leave "BIP" following an incident that saw him breaking the rules of the ABC dating show.

What did Ivan do that was so bad?

As tensions between Aaron and Ivan rose to a fever pitch — holy confrontation! — Chelsea revealed Ivan wasn't being truthful about his intentions with her, and hinted he might be hanging around Mexico in the hopes of securing a rose and going out with a new arrival (via Us Weekly).

That's when Ivan apparently got desperate, and when the cast was evacuated to another location due to an approaching tropical storm, he found Alexa Caves' hotel room number on a producer's cell phone. As viewers would know, Alexa, who as Bustle notes, was on Peter Weber's season, had not yet come down those stairs and joined the rest of the "Bachelor in Paradise" cast. So technically, she wasn't fair game for the guys to date yet, making his subsequent visit to her room a big no-no. 

It's worth noting that according to Elite Daily, Ivan came to "Paradise" hoping to meet Alexa.

Flash forward to the rose ceremony, where the ladies were the ones handing out roses. As Variety reports, bartender Wells Adams was presiding over the ceremony, when he paused the coupling up to pull Ivan aside and confront him about sneaking out to see Alexa. 

Caught red handed, Ivan was forced to admit what he had done and apologize to his co-stars and leave "Paradise." Meanwhile, some fans are saying Ivan and Alexa may be dating post-show.