Oddly Satisfying Facials

When it comes to choosing the right facial for your skin, the options may seem overwhelming. Today there are dozens of popular facials available that will restore your skin to health and vitality. From the trendy and experimental to the tried and true, there is surely a facial out there that is right for your needs. Some are receiving rave reviews from celebrities, while others are the result of creative aestheticians building their following on YouTube. Most will require you to seek professional assistance, but a few can even be self-administered with the right tools from the comfort of your own home.


In this list, we'll examine some of the most popular and satisfying facial procedures you can get for yourself. Skincare is a "form of self-care," psychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez told Byrdie, and when you are glowing on the outside, your whole world will begin to look a bit brighter. Even with one treatment, a high-quality facial will often deliver instant and visible results that will leave you smiling. Though you may find yourself raising your eyebrows at some of the more unusual facials, such as the $1,000 caviar facial (via CNBC Make It), there's no need to worry. There is always a way to smooth out those fine lines.

The gua sha facial uses a flat stone to improve circulation

According to writers at Byrdiegua sha is an ancient Chinese technique that uses a flat stone to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. Traditionally during gua sha, these smooth stones are rubbed aggressively on the back, arms, and legs to stimulate circulation, but during a gua sha facial, the procedure is more gentle. Because the skin on your face tends to be more delicate than it is on other parts of your body, the stones are instead drawn very carefully along the contours of the face. So, if you want to reduce puffiness and increase circulation, this detoxifying facial may be your new best friend.


In her video on gua sha, YouTuber Sandra Lanshin Chiu demonstrated the motions involved and benefits achieved with this facial. She stated that, during this process, "we're trying to relax the nervous system." So, if you're doing a gua sha facial at home, it is important to keep in mind that you hold the tool correctly, apply the appropriate pressure, and move it at the correct speed. With the right tools and instruction, this facial can be a fun and economical addition to your regular skincare routine. It can also be very relaxing and even meditative.

The DiamondGlow Facial is good for 'sucking out all the grossness' from your pores

The DiamondGlow facial is a skin-resurfacing treatment that can unclog pores to reveal healthier skin, as noted by Byrdie. Endorsed by Chrissy Teigen herself, she said in the midst of her experience on Instagram, "It's sucking out all the grossness." If that celebrity testimonial isn't enough to pique your interest, YouTuber Sheridan Leatherberry described the procedure as being a "medical-grade version of the Hydrafacial." She can be heard giggling throughout her video, making it clear that the process is actually really pleasant. The shots of her face before and after the DiamondGlow experience demonstrate that you'll see real, immediate results in your skin. It's no wonder so many are trying this out and raving about their results.


The official website behind this procedure, DiamondGlow.com, states that the DiamondGlow Facial gets its name from the fact that an exfoliating pen made with crushed diamonds is used during the process. This dermabrasion device goes beneath just the surface to give you a deep clean and reveal radiant skin. Your pores are also suctioned, removing any dirt and impurities that have accumulated over time. Then your skin is soothed with rejuvenating serums to replenish nutrients and moisture. 

At the end of the day, if you want to get your glow from literal diamonds, this facial is the way to go. Each DiamondGlow facial session will cost from $150 to $300, and one to two treatments per month are recommended for lasting results, according to Byrdie.


The Quantum Hydration Facial uses ionized oxygen

This procedure treats not only your face, but also your neck, shoulders and arms. The Quantum Hydration facial utilizes essential oils containing quantum frequencies to revitalize and hydrate your skin. This treatment is especially well-suited for skin that has sun damage or other signs of aging. Daydream Bodyworks says the process involves brushing a saline solution of ionized oxygen across the face, making it a gentler treatment than those that include microdermabrasion. Rather than removing any of your epidermal layer, ions are forced into the epidermis in order to heal damaged skin. This treatment is therefore a great option for those prone to skin sensitivity, with Derm Collective reporting average costs ranging from $150 to $350 per Quantum Hydration session.


The end result should be visibly healthier, hydrated skin and a glowing complexion. Additionally, skin is said to feel tighter and firmer after the Quantum Hydration facial. If you're looking to get your natural glow back, particularly if you have mature or damaged skin, Prescott Dermalift Clinic says this facial can get you there with a gentler process than other treatments offer. 

The Cryofacial uses cold air to treat inflammation

If you've ever had cryotherapy, you can imagine how cold the Cryofacial is. The super-chilled air used for this non-invasive procedure will immediately smooth fine lines and calm inflammation. This process is faster than other facials, taking only about 10 minutes to treat facial inflammation and redness, according to Byrdie. This is the ideal solution if your skin has been experiencing breakouts or puffiness. Because the Cryofacial is a quick and therapeutic process, there is no recovery period or need for downtime afterward. They also tend to be less expensive than other facial treatments, costing under $45 per session.


Active Health & Wellness says the process is pain-free and offers instant results, making the Cryofacial a perfect solution for people who don't have time to give up an entire afternoon to skin treatment. The sensation of pressurized cold air being blown on your skin is also a really interesting and unique experience. So even if you only try it once, it's worth it!

The Carbon Laser Peel is reportedly a favorite of Angelina Jolie's

For those with sensitive skin, a Carbon Laser Peel may be the facial you've been looking for. Rather than using chemicals, this technique utilizes heat to boost collagen and smooth fine lines. Radiance by WebMD states that the treatment involves the application of an exfoliating carbon lotion to the skin, which pulls oils and other impurities to the surface as it dries. After some time, a laser applies heat to targeted areas, which can result in minimized pores and acne scars, according to a 2020 study published in Dermatology Practical & Conceptual. As with most facial treatments, multiple sessions are required to see significant and permanent results. But for those with moderate skin issues, the Carbon Laser Peel is recommended as a solution and requires only about 30 minutes per appointment.


Multiple celebrities have turned to Carbon Laser Peels to heal their skin, including Angelina Jolie, who claims to love the treatment, as the Daily Mail reported. Though you'll need to see a specialist to experience the results for yourself, it's probably for the best that we aren't using lasers on ourselves at home. If we take Ms. Jolie at her word, this facial deserves the hype.

The Caviar Facial proves caviar isn't just for eating

If you're seeking a luxurious experience, the Caviar Facial may be just the indulgence you crave. Using actual caviar pearls and caviar-infused facial products, this procedure will pump your skin with healing oxygen and eliminate harmful bacteria. Hailed by Botanica Day Spa for its all-natural products and anti-aging benefits, the Caviar Facial is perfect for most skin types. Rich in amino acids and proteins that will rejuvenate your skin, the caviar used for this facial is great at boosting collagen production. According to Beverly Hills MD, this fish egg facial will also improve skin elasticity and even slow the aging process.


Just in case that isn't enough, a Byrdie review from Faith Xue said of the Caviar Facial, "I couldn't believe how much brighter and more even my skin looked." Of course, being one of the more luxurious treatments, this one will cost you a pretty penny. Depending on the length and location of your appointment, it can cost up to $1,250 to get the Caviar Facial experience (via Good Housekeeping). Still, if you can save up for one, your skin will thank you.

The HydraFacial will give you a relaxing deep clean

Offering a lustrous complexion and used by celebrities including Kate Winslet and Amy Poehler, according to Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa, the HydraFacial works to combat dry skin and leave you with a dewy glow. This facial begins with the application of cleansing lotions that absorb skin impurities before being wiped away, as the Nova Clinic shared in a YouTube video. Lymphatic drainage is step two, as a suction machine goes deeper to release toxins that have built up and to help promote circulation. Finally, a Hydra Peel device exfoliates skin and cleans out pores before delivering soothing serums to replenish your skin.


Watching the whole HydraFacial process being performed at Nova Clinic is fascinating! You can see in detail as the outer layer of skin is buffed and hydrated back to health. Ideal for those with hyperpigmentation or signs of aging, this facial is intended to cleanse and treat a variety of skin types. Each treatment will cost between $150 and $300 and will offer results that can last around three months. If your skin is in need of a boost, the HydraFacial is a great place to start.

The NanoFacial is a high-tech way to reduce wrinkles

Targeting problem areas on a cellular level, the Nanofacial by Rezenerate will treat all sorts of issues, from sunspots to wrinkles. Rezenerate's website says the technique uses nanotechnology to send nutrients beneath the skin's surface, giving you a non-invasive solution for your complexion woes. This innovative facial uses a wand to painlessly create microscopic perforations on the skin, as described by Riviera Wellness Spa, allowing for better serum absorption and the immediate plumping of the skin. This facial is a one-way street to skin wellness!


With no downtime, this new treatment is sure to gain quick popularity, as most skin types can benefit from this procedure. You can expect to see reduced lines and wrinkles and even experience anti-aging benefits from just one treatment. We'll likely be hearing a lot of rave reviews as this new skincare technology takes off.

This customized contouring facial is a Hollywood favorite

Biba de Sousa, aesthetician to such A-list stars as Miley Cyrus and Emily Blunt, offers customized contouring facials which are all the rage in Hollywood. Her personalized technique takes into account each person's individual needs, with the goal of restoring your skin. Though her illustrious clientele means that her treatments cost $300 for an hour-long facial, they are an option if you have the cash. Aside from getting the expert herself to work on your skin, you could refer to the YouTube video where Biba de Sousa demonstrates for Beauty Insider what her contouring facials entail, and attempt your own version with the steps you can do at home. Of course, for the real deal, you'll have to visit her office and shell out about $300 to $450 per procedure. Since she uses some specialized devices, you may just need to bite the bullet and make an appointment.


Apparently, her expertise is worth the money. Marie Claire reported that Biba de Sousa even has her own skincare product line with celebrity devotees. Therefore, if you want the best, you have to go to the best. That means a visit to her clinic in Los Angeles for a custom contouring facial of your own, unless you have a local aesthetician who can offer a similar treatment.

The Red Carpet Facial can give you that celebrity glow

The Red Carpet Facial, popular among Hollywood elite such as Eva Mendez, according to Beauty Insider, offers quick and immediate results for glowing skin. It's no wonder that celebrities often go for this luxurious procedure to get their skin glowing before big events. When the stakes are high, it's important for your skin to be looking its best. Often, a soothing facial will provide immediate results that include a dewy complexion and vibrant skin, so it makes sense to include it as part of your preparations.


This particular procedure, the Red Carpet facial, is the go-to for celebrities because it is effectively a "steam clean" for the pores and offers instant results for upcoming events, according to Aesthetics Glow Clinic

That same benefit is available to those of us who get the Red Carpet facial. It works by exfoliating skin and is followed up with a hydrating mask and soothing massage. The entire process takes less than an hour, so it can be accomplished the same day as your special event. Before you get dressed up, get your skin red-carpet ready!

The microcurrent facial uses electrical currents

Nicknamed the "non-invasive facelift," according to Elle, the microcurrent facial utilizes a gentle electrical current to stimulate your facial muscles. The end result is skin that appears tighter, firmer, and younger looking. This anti-aging facial will take over an hour and can leave you with lifted and defined facial features. The microcurrents emitted from the wand used during this procedure work to encourage collagen production and reduce puffiness in the face. Those with heart issues or highly inflamed skin will want to skip this particular treatment, but otherwise it will work for folks of all skin types. Byrdie reported that this workout for your facial muscles is painless and will keep signs of aging, such as fine lines, in check.


There is even an at-home option for those who want a regular and cost-effective method. For Refinery29, Daniela Morosini wrote that she's "fallen head over heels" for the NuFace Microcurrent Trinity Toning Device. Costing over $300, this tool will work for those seeking to incorporate microcurrent technology into their regular routine for a little more than the cost of a typical session at a spa or clinic. With so many reporting positive results, this facial must be a winner.

The model glow facial uses radio frequency waves

As you might imagine, the model glow facial offers a remedy for skin that has lost its luster. Touted as the right choice when you need to be camera-ready by NYDG Integral Health & Wellness, this facial includes both a cryotherapy session and anti-aging mask to restore your glow. For those seeking skin that exudes health and wellness, this facial will get you one step closer to the youthful skin you want the world to see. If you've ever wondered what sort of skincare the models are getting to have their beautiful, otherworldly glow, now you know you have to check out the model glow facial.


Beginning with a gentle cleanse and microdermabrasion session, the model glow facial then moves on to clearing out pores and removing dead skin cells through suction, as shown in a video from Refinery29. A soothing gel is applied next before radio frequency waves deliver heat that will tighten skin and promote collagen production. Then, serums and an essential-oil infused mask are applied that will give you days of bright, glowing skin. Finally, LED lights work to clear bacteria and acne. The results are best in the following several days, tapering off over the next month or two. Mi-Anne Chan reported for Refinery29 that the model glow facial can cost a steep $1,000, but if you need your skin to dazzle, this treatment will make it happen.


A plaster facial creates a mask of your face

One of the more interesting facials is the plaster facial, as demonstrated by Crowned Ladies on YouTube. It begins with a deep clean and scrub, before blackheads are then extracted using a wand as part of a HydraFacial and serums are applied. A sheet mask is then placed onto the skin and then a full-face plaster mask is slowly applied to the face. Thin plaster strips are used damp to lock in the hydrating serums underneath, and once dried will form a solid mask to be lifted off.


This facial appears to be one of the newest ones out there, so it may not be widely available in spas and clinics just yet. However, just doing a search for plaster facial products will pull up treatments and masks that you can mix and try on your own in the comfort of your home.