Here's What Vanilla Ice Is Up To Today

Vanilla Ice is one of the most well-known music artists of the 1990s. The rapper topped the charts with his iconic song, "Ice Ice Baby." The hit was a huge success for the singer, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle. However, Ice couldn't seem to capture the magic of his first hit. Sadly, the singer got involved with drugs and suffered from depression, per CBS News. Once his music career began to fade, he tried his hand at many different professions. He eventually turned from music to professional jet-skiing, per Biography.

Ice eventually made a brief return to the entertainment business to star on reality television shows such as "The Surreal Life," "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish," and "The Vanilla Ice Project" (via IMDb). He's also acted in films such as "That's My Boy," "The Ridiculous 6," and "Sandy Wexler," alongside actor Adam Sandler. In 2016, Ice surprised and delighted fans when announced that he would be participating in the hit dance competition series, "Dancing With the Stars." However, despite a few cameos, the rapper has stayed mostly quiet since that time.

Although he's never recaptured the fame he saw in the early 1990s, the rapper still continues to make music and tour for his fans. However, he lives a much different lifestyle than he did during his glory days.

Vanilla Ice's current job may surprise many of his longtime fans

According to Biography, Vanilla Ice is no longer topping the music charts. Instead, he lives in Florida, where he previously resided with his ex-wife Laura and their two daughters, Dusti Rain and KeeLee. The singer also has a third daughter named Priscilla with a woman whose identity hasn't been revealed (via AmoMama). The couple were married for 20 years before Laura filed for divorce in 2016. Three years later in 2019, the pair were declared officially divorced, per Wonderwall

Although Ice was once one of the most famous musical acts in the game, his life has changed drastically over the years. These days, the father of three is using his famous face, hit song, and entertaining skills to sell light fixtures for Capitol Lighting. His specific designs are called "Vanilla Ice Lighting," and include fixtures such as wall sconces and chandeliers (via Joe). Of course, his catchphrase is "Light, Lights Baby," which is a play on his biggest hit song, "Ice Ice Baby."

It seems that the rapper has decided to live a more humble lifestyle than in the past. However, he hasn't forgotten his musical roots and incorporates his singing talent into his new career endeavor, which is sure to delight fans who see the ads for his lighting fixtures.