Iman Shumpert Explains How To Tell If A Man Is Madly In Love With You

When it comes to relationship goals, no couple does it better than Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert. The multitalented actress and the former NBA star met in 2014, but it wasn't exactly love at first sight. Of that meeting, Taylor says, "I didn't like him at first. When I first met him, he had just gotten drafted. He was young and doing a lot. I was at a party. He was drunk and had his shirt off. It was just too much going on, baby" (via The Things). The pair then began a friendship, bonding over turmoil caused by passed relationships, that morphed into the fairy tale romance plastered across tabloids and the pair's Instagram accounts today.

By 2015, the young couple was expecting their first child together. At a lavish royal-themed baby shower for Taylor and Shumpert, Shumpert popped the question that would cement their status as a power couple. They tied the knot in secret in 2016 prior to throwing a much larger wedding for friends and family to enjoy. Taylor explains how the official nuptials happened in the bathroom, telling Wendy Williams, "We got married in the bathroom where our baby was born [Junie], so we just wanted it for good luck before we did the big wedding" (via Pop Sugar).

The couple is still going strong, and Shumpert in more in love with Taylor than ever. Recently, Shumpert shared a letter with Essence, sharing how to tell if a man is madly in love with you.

Love is intense for Iman Shumpert

Iman opens the letter with a powerful line, stating, "Love is one of the most powerful and most dangerous things I've ever encountered, and within the same breath one of the most beautiful and relevant journeys of my life" (via Essence). He then goes on to explain that a woman having influence over a man is a sure sign that he has fallen in love. He characterizes a woman's ability to control a man as not a negative but a positive, noting that the feeling of wanting to come home when told to is a sign that a man is moving away from a single mindset. That, however, is only the beginning.

Shumpert also believes that jealousy is a positive when it comes to a man falling in love. He says that while many may perceive it as weakness, it is simply a nod to a budding obsession with the woman he has chosen. His letter reads, "The progression of his jealousy, over protectiveness and eagerness to know what you're doing all day can most times be perceived as weakness and as nagging and insecure. But that's a misperception for his obsession with a woman. It's a beautiful thing!" Many people may find jealousy off-putting, but Iman claims that, in his case, it is a good sign that a man is experiencing commitment. While jealousy may not be the healthiest form of love in all relationships, it seems to work exceptionally well for Shumpert and Taylor.

These two are a power couple

Iman Shumpert continues to say that a it's a sign of true love if a man is working constantly, because that means he's working to afford his beloved the best lifestyle possible. He's not afraid to fight for love, and, we're assuming, neither is Teyana Taylor. While this may sound unconventional or even old-fashioned, Shumpert swears by these points.

He shares some final thoughts, saying, "Love is dope, stop ignoring it and fantasizing about something you can't feel. Pain is love ... tears are love ... hurt is love ... it's what makes those good times take you on that ride! It's part of the story!" and closes by swearing to women that men want love, too. His final thoughts: "Don't let men fool you ... we all want love, we just know that it can leave us very vulnerable and we seek a woman who understands and protects that with her life."

The love shared between Shumpert and Taylor sounds intense, and it might just be the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. So far, the couple has welcomed two daughters to the world and both continue to dominate in multiple creative fieldsĀ (including Shumpert on "Dancing with the Stars"). Maybe all of that intensity is the sign of a true power couple.