This Was Melania Trump's Idea Of Self-Care, According To Her Former Chief Of Staff

Before Melania Trump's former chief of staff wrote her explosive memoir, the public did not know much about the former first lady. Sure, we knew about her political initiatives, but honestly, that's about it. Unlike other first ladies, per CNN, Melania was sort of a mystery — until Stephanie Grisham's "I'll Take Your Questions Now" came along, that is. Get ready, folks. Grisham just gave us the answers we have been waiting for all along. For instance, Grisham confirmed that Melania maintained an intense sleep schedule during her husband's time as president. Melania also kept to herself so much that Secret Service agents nicknamed her "Rapunzel" because "she remained in her tower, never descending."

Her eight-hour-plus sleep routine was the former's first lady's idea of self-care, Grishman wrote. "She believed that relaxation was central to one's beauty regimen, as were, of course, spa treatments and facials" (via CNN).

And that's not even the real kicker! Salon reported that Melania was working from home even before the pandemic, signaling another reason for her nickname. "When warranted, we would have in-person meetings, but those generally took place in the Map Room across from the elevators to the residence," Grishman wrote (via Salon). "There we would plan out schedules, respond to pressing queries, and discuss goals. Other than that, the first lady kept to her rooms in the residence."

Stephanie Grisham revealed other secrets about Melania Trump

Not only do we have an inside scoop into Melania Trump's day-to-day activities, but we also have some dirty secrets. Apparently, per CNN, Melania was not the biggest fan of her stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, referring to them as "the interns." The outlet reported that Ivanka would encroach on international trips, which were particularly reserved for the first lady and the president. Things between the two were so bad that Melania forbid Ivanka from attending trips and even labeled her as "the Princess," CNN reported.

But the next biggest secret might be the most surprising one of all. We knew Donald Trump was a big critic of the press, but you probably never knew his wife was one, as well. "Like her husband and all of his kids, Mrs. Trump scrutinized her press clippings like an expert architect focusing on blueprints," Stephanie Grisham wrote (via CNN). "No detail was overlooked, nothing missed her eye. She had Google alerts set up for herself and saw everything."

Yes, her fixation on the press was so bad that the former first lady set up notifications for any news that focused on her. Talk about obsessive. And perhaps we'll learn even more dirt about the former first family when Grisham's tell-all hits bookstore shelves on October 5.