How To Tell If You Have A Monolid Or A Double Lid

Here at The List, we're obsessed with everything in the beauty world, which happens to include our eyes. From hot eye makeup trends to eye anatomy, we're interested in it all. This of course includes matters like what really causes hooded eyes and what really causes styes.

Naturally, eyes come in many shapes, too. According to Beautylish, you can have deep set eyes, protruding eyes, upturned eyes, downturned eyes, close set eyes, or wide set eyes. One of the most fascinating parts of the eye, though, is the eyelid. When it comes to our eyelids, there are two main types — some people have monolids, while others have double lids.

Ultimately, the difference between them isn't too drastic, and it's not harmful. The way you apply makeup and the types of makeup looks you create may differ, or just be easier, depending on the type of eyelid you have, but neither is superior to the other — and both should be embraced because they're perfectly you.

Distinguishing between monolids and double lids is really easy

There is just one major difference between monolids and double eyelids. According to Byrdie, the difference is the existence of a crease in double lids. Monolids don't have a crease, and double lids are called double because their crease emulates two eyelids instead of one. Therefore, when you look in the mirror, if you see a defined crease, you have a double lid. If you don't see one, you likely have a monolid. However, Healthline noted that hooded monolids exist, which is when your eyelid hood hangs down, covering your crease and making it look like you have a monolid.

Eyelids, like many other traits on our faces, are tied to genetics. According to Verywell Health, monolids are a recessive genetic trait. Because of this, they're not expressed in offspring as often as double eyelids are because double eyelids are the dominant trait. Furthermore, like other cosmetic procedures have come to pass, eyelid surgeries have become popular for those with double lids who want to have a monolid.

Ultimately, the shape of your eyelid is changeable, but it's also nice to know that it's something you share with your loved ones.