Eye Makeup Trends You'll See Everywhere In 2021

This year we had to be a little more creative than usual with our eye makeup looks. Since we've been wearing masks for the majority of 2020, it really has been all about the eyes and letting them be the center of attention. Lash lifts and bold eyeliner were popular trends, and it seems likely that these styles will remain in the year ahead — especially considering that we'll likely still be wearing masks for a decent portion of 2021.

However, there are a few burgeoning makeup trends that we think will be all over both Instagram and runways alike in the new year. In general, it seems we're willing to take more risks when it comes to makeup: graphic eyeliner and bright, color-block eyeshadow are on the rise for 2021. Here, we're outlining the eye makeup looks that we think will have the biggest impact in the new year. Whether you like to go all out or prefer to keep things understated, there's surely something in this list that'll suit your fancy. 

Bold lashes

Long, fluttery eyelashes will probably always be a sought-after look. It's just so effortlessly pretty, while helping almost any makeup look come together perfectly.With ever-emerging options (think: lengthening mascaras, falsies, and lash lifts), we anticipate sky-high lashes to continue as a trend into 2021. This look by Liv Parker (via Instagram), appears to feature a set of voluminous false lashes, but they don't look too heavy for her eyes or take away from the rest of her makeup. In fact, they add just the right touch of drama.

Colorful eyeshadow

A wash of color on the eyes has become a serious trend in recent years. It's easy to see why — not only is it stunning and bold, but it also doesn't require fancy techniques or skills. You simply need one eyeshadow and a brush (or even your fingertips!) to sweep a single color onto your eyelids and instantly create an eye-catching look. Here, makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes sports hot pink eyeshadow paired with a nude lip and glowing skin (via Instagram). Perfection. 

Smoky eyeliner

The only thing better than winged eyeliner? Smoky winged eyeliner. Sarah Tanno, celebrity makeup artist and Global Artistry Director for Haus Laboratories, told Elle that she calls this look "lived-in" liner (it also happens to be one of Lady Gaga's favorite looks). All you need to create such a look is a slower-drying soft pencil eyeliner. After applying, use a smudging brush to create your desired shape and smokiness. Apply an eyeshadow primer beforehand to make sure your liner doesn't budge. Use this look from Almog Karp Malka for inspiration (via Instagram). 

Graphic eyeliner

If you've mastered your everyday eyeliner and are craving a challenge, why not try graphic eyeliner? This eyeliner trend has grown in popularity this year and was seen all over the Spring/Summer 2021 runways (via Byrdie). The beauty of this trend is you can have fun with it and really experiment — try out different styles that complement your eye shape, and don't be afraid to use a neon liner. In this look, Mi-Anne Chan chose a bold orange eyeliner and paired it with a red lip for even more impact (via Instagram).