Whatever Happened To Derek Sherman From Married At First Sight?

If you're a fan of Lifetime's "Married at First Sight" franchise, you likely remember Derek Sherman from Season 10. According to Screen Rant, his blind marriage to Katie Conrad started strong. In a season that featured two explosive mismatches — including Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice, who split up before decision day due to infidelity — Katie and Derek's relationship didn't exactly stand out.

That was the case — up until the Season 10 reunion. That's when the pair shared that they were separated (via E! Online). "Thankfully, Katie made it really easy not to be able to fall in love with her," Derek said. "I got hurt." 

Derek went on to tell host Kevin Frazier that Katie recently confessed to cheating on him with her ex. "My greatest fear is that she would have an affair with her ex," he said. "Then I find out just several days ago that literally the day after the honeymoon, she slept with him. I've heard it from five different people." He then told Katie that he no longer trusts her because of the affair.

While Katie denied the allegations, their marriage was doomed, and the pair divorced.

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad from 'Married at First Sight' have both moved on

The failed marriage of Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad of "Married at First Sight" wasn't solely her fault, however. Derek had a "physical slip up" of his own (via E! Online). The two did not see eye-to-eye on many things, which turned into several fights throughout their season on the show.

According to Monsters & Critics, Derek has moved on. Still seeking adventure and spontaneity, he has gone back to a life centered on his desires rather than those of a stranger married on television. 

He doesn't seem to be in a relationship, at least publicly, but he has gotten back into hobbies he ditched when he tied the knot. According to Screen Rant, one of those hobbies is pumpkin carving, with Derek taking to Instagram to post a carving of Baby Yoda, with the caption, "I'm not sure how it started, but Pumpkin Carving has oddly enough become one of my secret passion hobbies. I wasn't able to do one last year cause of... well life and marrying a stranger.. but I tried to make up for it this year."

As for Conrad, she has very much moved on. She is now engaged to a new guy.