The Truth About Buddy Valastro's Marriage

Before the popularity of baking shows like "The Great British Bake Off," there was TLC's hit show, "Cake Boss." The show profiled Buddy Valastro, a pastry chef based in Hoboken, New Jersey (via Deadline). The show was a wildly successful hit for both TLC and Valastro's brick and mortar bakeshop, Carlo's Bakery, which now has several locations including one in Los Angeles.

Featured prominently on the show were Valastro's wife, Lisa, and their three children. When it comes to his accomplishments, his proudest one is his family. "I am a busy guy. I have a lot of accomplishments," he told Life of Dad. "I am not bragging ... I have done a lot of good stuff. But my biggest accomplishment is my kids and my family."

It has always seemed as if his marriage was picture perfect. The pair have been together since before they hit it big on reality TV. But is their union as steady as it appears?

The Valastros are closer than ever

According to Just Richest, the couple has been together for over a decade, and it seems like things are still going strong. After Valastro suffered an accident that resulted in a severe injury to his hand, he and his wife grew even closer (via People). "My wife has been amazing. She's been a trooper," he gushed, "We're going on 20 years now, and I think that we kind of checked all the boxes. But after you have an injury like this, and your wife helps you dry you out of the shower, that crosses another level."

If you're wondering how he sustained such an injury, it was surprisingly not from baking. He was fixing an object in the couple's in-home bowling alley when his hand got lodged in the machine and put his career as a pastry chef up in the air. Though the couple have grown closer during the tough time, it sounds like a difficult situation!