Here's What JoJo Siwa's Real Name Is

Actress, dancer, and YouTube personality Jojo Siwa started her ascension to fame as a reality star. As a child, Siwa competed in dance competitions. As noted by Biography, she first gained notice on the shows "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and "Dance Moms." Utilizing other platforms, Siwa turned her successful reality television show experience to YouTube. She began making dance videos and music, as well as vlogs detailing her day-to-day life. Her bubbly personality and colorful emblems attracted the attention of children worldwide, growing her popularity.

Her single "Boomerang" was released in 2016. The video went platinum in August 2017 and has over 900 million views on YouTube (via People). Since then, the teenage icon has evolved her passion for hair accessories into a business empire. The teenager sat down with Today and explained that her giant bows are not only a "fun hair accessory" but a signal that the wearers are against bullying. "When you see a kid or someone wearing a JoJo bow, you know that they're a Siwanator," she said. "Which means they are kind, they are nice; they are strong, they are powerful, they love everyone, they support everyone, they want to be your friend, they want to be everyone's friend."

In 2020, Time featured the teen in their 100 most influential people list, making her even more famous, but what her many fans might not know is her real name. 

What is Jojo Siwa's real name?

Since the start of her career, Siwa has used the name "JoJo" as her stage name. That's not her given name, though; the celeb's real name is Joelle Joanie Siwa. Per CheatSheet, JoJo is actually a nickname and an abbreviation of her first and middle names. 

In an interview with Today, she explained how she used to envision her name evolving. "I always had the plan: when I'm young, I'm going to go as JoJo," she shared. "When I'm middle-aged, I'm going to go as Joelle, and then when I'm a grandma, I'm going to go as Joanie. Now I'm like, 'Well, kid, you're stuck with JoJo.' Which is not a bad name." 

Not everyone can say that their nickname is a household name, after all, and the bubbly nickname suits Siwa who has always been authentically herself in spite of her fame. "I love what I do," she once told Today (via The Things). "I am who I am. And it's just my life. I feel comfortable with who I am and comfortable with what I do."