All Of Jessica Chastain And Oscar Issac's Red Carpet Photos Over The Years

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac set the Twitter world on fire in early September 2021 when they made an intimate red carpet appearance during the Venice Film Festival. They were promoting their HBO television series "Scenes from a Marriage," and they packed on the PDA while posing for pictures. 

Though fans were left wondering whether Chastain and Isaac were more than friends, People quickly cleared the air by stating that they're both happily married. Chastain is married to Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, a fashion executive, and Isaac is married to Elvira Lind, a film director and screenwriter.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Chastain and Isaac shared a romantic connection, especially once you've glimpsed that photo of Isaac affectionately kissing the inside of Chastain's arm (via Vanity Fair). They're so comfortable with one another because they attended Juilliard together over 20 years ago and have remained close friends ever since, per People. When asked about how their bond influenced their onscreen chemistry in "Scenes from a Marriage," Chastain told People, "We have the same process. When I got the scripts, I knew immediately it was going to be like a play, because most of it's just him and I talking for an hour."

With this additional insight into their friendship, we started to wonder whether the two shared more red carpet moments that we simply failed to notice due to their lack of sensuality. So, we went back into the archives to unearth all of Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac's red carpet photos over the years. 

Read on to see them all and learn more about their dynamic relationship.

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac appeared in this 2014 film together

Before Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac's steamy red carpet appearance in September 2021, the two were photographed together on numerous occasions following the premiere of their 2014 film, "A Most Violent Year." Chastain and Isaac played husband and wife Abel and Anna Morales in the crime drama, directed by J.C. Chandor (via IMDb). The film was well-reviewed by critics at The New York Times, and Chastain and Isaac attended numerous press events and walked countless red carpets while promoting its release.

Though Chastain and Isaac became friends while attending the prestigious Juilliard School in Manhattan, "A Most Violent Year" marked the first time the pair worked together since making their separate entrances onto the Hollywood scene.

Speaking of their first time collaborating on set, Isaac had this to say during a 2014 interview with USA Today. "The fact that we can tell each other whatever we wanted, that we could argue, we're very free," he said. "We approach things in a very similar way." This sentiment was echoed by Chastain in the same interview. "You have a history, you don't have to get to know each other, you can say what you want," she said.

The duo reunited in 2020 for 'Scenes from a Marriage'

Following the conclusion of their appearances for "A Most Violent Year," Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac embarked on several solo projects before reuniting in 2020 for HBO's "Scenes from a Marriage." Isaac was actually the one to approach Chastain about the role of Mira after he received the script for the modern remake of Ingmar Bergman's 1973 miniseries. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Isaac said he wrote to his friend and said, "I can't imagine doing this with anybody other than you." How sweet is that?

Originally, Michelle Williams was supposed to star in the HBO series but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, per Variety. When Isaac suggested Chastain for the role instead, writer-director Hagai Levi said it was the "best thing that could happen to this production" (via Entertainment Weekly). 

Levi went on to credit the pair's authentic chemistry as the reason he believed the production was ultimately more successful once Chastain was brought on board. If you've been glued to your television each week waiting to see what happens next for Mira and Jonathan, you'll undoubtedly agree with Levi's opinion.

Jessica Chastain says that Oscar Isaac eased her nerves on set

In "Scenes from a Marriage," Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac had their work cut out for them, as the two are often fighting or making up, depending on the scene. 

For Chastain, the sex scenes were often the most difficult to shoot as she found them awkward and embarrassing, she said. "For one scene, the intimacy coordinator came in after the first take and said, 'It doesn't look like you guys are having sex,'" the California-born actress told Variety. "That was the note. I was like, 'We're not having sex.'"

Since the scenes are integral to the overall intimacy of the story, Chastain said that Isaac would often sing to her between takes to ease her nerves and make her feel more comfortable. "And there's a song I really like, so he'd start singing in between the takes," she recalled. "So I was like, Okay, just lock eyes on him. The most beautiful part of one of the love scenes is the love in their eyes when they're looking at each other. And he helped create that."

The actors always praise each other during interviews

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac's decades-long friendship has been lovingly discussed by both individuals in interviews over the years. While promoting "Scenes from a Marriage," Chastain spoke with Vanity Fair and praised her friend and co-star numerous times. "He's such a beautiful person and we have such a long history of supporting each other and a very similar way of working," she said.

The feeling is mutual, as Isaac told Deadline (via Harper's Bazaar). "Professionally, it's great when you know someone so well because you don't have to worry about a lot of stuff you usually worry about," he said. "However, on something this intense you care about the person so much, because it's like working with family. If you didn't know someone so well, getting your own space isn't so hard."

Hopefully, the actors work together again in the future because their onscreen performances are equally as mesmerizing as their red carpet appearances.