Unexpected Details About Jessica Chastain's Wedding

A single lady no longer, Jessica Chastain married her boyfriend, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo in June of 2017. The couple married in de Preposulo's home country of Italy. While many details of this special moment are still being kept private by the newlyweds, it's clear it was a memorable day. 


Taking place in a gorgeous setting, with well-known celebrities in attendance, this wedding had a lot going for it. Let's take a closer look at the details of Chastain and de Preposulo's big day and how they celebrated.

The couple has been together for years

Chastain and de Preposulo were together for more than five years when they tied the knot. As described by W Magazine, Chastain rarely shares information about her personal life and relationships. However, during an interview with the magazine in 2015, the actress opened up a bit about her boyfriend of nearly four years at that time. She said, "He's a gentleman...And that's very important to me. He's from an old-school Italian family. No one in his family has ever been divorced!"


Even though private, Chastain has also been known to post a photo or two of herself and her beau throughout those years as well.

She didn't plan to get married

The wedding was a surprise not just because it was planned secretly, but because marriage wasn't necessarily something Chastain always saw in her future.

As People reported in 2015, Chastain opened up about her thoughts on marriage. She said, "I'm not quite sure of what I want in my life, and who knows if marriage is a part of it...So to me, marriage is not an important thing."


Even though the actress wasn't sure about her thoughts on marriage, she knew her relationship with de Preposulo was the real deal. She went on to describe their relationship, saying, "Everything is fantastic."

The groom is a winner

So who is Jessica Chastain's husband? One thing was very clear before the world even knew details about him; there was no way he would be an actor.

In early 2013, Chastain spoke with Katie Couric's talk show, Katie (via People), and addressed the topic of her new boyfriend at the time, de Preposulo. She said, "But I will say I have a rule I don't date actors, so he's not in the business, at all. He's in the fashion industry." Specifically, high fashion. 


According to a Vanity Fair profile of the groom in 2009, he was the former director of public relations for Armani. During that time, even though not an actor, he could be seen hanging out with some impressive celebrities, including George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts and more. 

No longer at Armani, de Preposulo now works for Moncler, a French fashion brand.

She chose red for the rehearsal dinner

While normally it's the dress on the big day, that everyone talks about, Chastain's wedding weekend included another talked-about look: her style the night before the wedding.

Once family and friends arrived for the big weekend, Chastain and de Preposulo hosted a reception in Venice, Italy, the night before the wedding. As reported by ET, Chastain arrived in a "show-stopping" red dress. Although the designer of the dress hasn't been confirmed, she accessorized with Christian Louboutin booties that added a hint of sparkle to the look.


She married into Italian royalty

Countess Chastain...that has a nice ring to it.

The bride has joined a family with quite the history in Italy. As reported by People, the de Preposulo family originally lived in Bergamo, outside of Milan, Italy. An aristocratic family, they received their last name, Preposulo, meaning "peace," after helping settle issues with warring factions in the 1300s.


The family also has the perfect estate to go with the title, called Villa Tiepolo Passi. This has been home for the family since the 1800s. Today, events are held at the estate and prosecco is made there. This impressive location is where Chastain and de Preposulo said their vows.

It was an A-list affair

The Chastain and de Preposulo wedding included some well-known attendees. On the bride's side, a few familiar faces made sure to be there for the big day. As reported by InStyle, this included actress Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman, and fellow actress Emily Blunt. Chastain's costar from Zero Dark Thirty, Edgar Ramirez, was also in attendance.


On the groom's side, Giorgio Armani's niece, Roberta, attended the celebration. As shared by the magazine, de Preposulo "counts Roberta Armani as his mentor."

Her dress was a classic

And now for the dress. As reported by ET Online, the designer of the gown is not known at this time, but Chastain shined in "a custom-made strapless gown." She kept it simple and tasteful with her hair pulled back, and accessorized with a white veil.


It only seems fair to mention the groom too, who went with a stylish blue suit for the big day.

The bride confronted the paparazzi

Although Chastain's wedding was a surprise, paparazzi found out quickly and were able to sneak in a few photos from the big day.

Chastain later addressed the situation on Twitter and how she felt about the lack of privacy. She tweeted, "I am going to ask you to please stop sharing the photos. Helicopters disregarded a no-fly zone & took those pics during the ceremony. Every time I see them I'm reminded of the insensitivity of that moment."


In the tweet, Chastain also thanked her followers for all of the "sweet comments." She also promised photos to come, continuing on to say, "I would prefer to share photos that celebrate love not intrusion."

Friends celebrated around the world

It wasn't just those big name celebrities in attendance that celebrated Chastain and her new husband. Another famous friend couldn't make the trek to Italy, but took to social media to share just how excited she was for her friend.


Octavia Spencer, who starred with Chastain in the film The Help, posted a photo on Instagram of Chastain in her wedding dress, sharing in her comment, "Congrats @jessicachastain @preposulo. I hate that I missed your big day, but know I couldn't be more thrilled for you!!!!"

The perks of a destination wedding

Chastain and de Preposulo went the route of destination wedding for this special moment and were able to invite their friends and family. They made the weekend a perfect Italian adventure.

While the wedding took place at de Preposulo's family estate, the couple started their weekend in Venice with family and friends for early celebrations. But after leaving Venice, how could the views get any better?


The family estate where the wedding took place is as extravagant as it is unique. The website for Villa Tiepolo Passi states, "This historic manor...offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of bygone days, and to savor the authentic flavors of the family's traditional recipes."

Chastain and de Preposulo weren't the first to take on the Italian wedding dream. According to Refinery29, couples like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend also picked this picture perfect country for their special days.

It was a wedding for the ages

Everything summed up, Chastain and de Preposulo did their wedding day right. With the picturesque location, ultimate wardrobe, and top notch wedding guests, the day appears to have been perfect.

Now, everyone will have to wait a while longer for Chastain to share those wedding photos, as she promised. There's a pretty good chance those photos feature a happy couple, enjoying a very important day in their lives together. Definitely worth the wait.