Halloween Costumes That Are Office Appropriate

During the spooky season, people put up decorations, visit pumpkin patches, eat/give out candy, watch horror flicks, and dress up. However, some people struggle with finding the right Halloween costume. There are so many options, and it can be overwhelming to decide. Additionally, there are both time and money to consider when it comes to making the final choice. Also take into consideration where the look will be worn, since that can also affect the decision.

After a year of telecommuting from home, many are resuming work in their offices and might want to go big this year, at their work station and perhaps even at the annual staff holiday party. Still, it will be a celebration that involves bosses, coworkers, and possibly even clients, so you will want to still maintain some sort of professionalism.

That being said, take some inspiration from this list of Halloween costume ideas that are affordable, easy to execute, exciting, and appropriate for the workplace and beyond.

Dress like you work another job during Halloween

One definite way to make sure your costume is an office-appropriate one is to dress like you work a different job in a different field. For instance, adding a lab coat can transform you into a doctor. Putting your hair in a bun and donning some glasses can make you look like a librarian. There is also a hard hat for a construction worker, overalls for a farmer, a badge for a police officer, and an apron/hat for a chef.

Go for an animal-inspired costume

A popular Halloween costume choice involves getting inspired by animals. Some ideas for your work party include DIY-ing bat wings out of a black umbrella, or using stripes, antennas, and wings for a bumblebee.

This is something that can be as simple or as elaborate as one would like, as a person can just throw on some ears (for, say, a cat or a mouse) or can wear a complete outfit that adds head-to-toe details (for something more complex, like a dinosaur or a bear).

Be a cute, creepy, or cool monster

This holiday would not be complete without classic movie monsters, and these make for good ensembles as well.

Stips of fabric or toilet paper can build out a mummy look. Green paint and bolts help make up Frankenstein. A vampire needs fangs, while a witch needs a pointy hat, broom, and/or spell book.

There are also contemporary horror villains to consider, such as Freddy Krueger with his striped sweater, Jason with his hockey mask, and Pennywise with his red balloon.

Let your Halloween costume celebrate a different decade

Another go-to option for a Halloween costume is one that celebrates the past. You can pick your favorite decade, or everyone at work can be assigned a different time period. For instance, there may be some flappers from the '20s, some outfits that look like they came out of "Grease" for the '50s, and a lot of neon and rock & roll vibes for the '80s.

Most party and costume stores have pieces that can build these costumes, while some people may be able to create looks with items they already have in their closets at home.

Turn to pop culture

A final idea for an office-appropriate look is to turn to pop culture. A person could dress up as their favorite actress, artist, or athlete. A group could come as different versions of one person, such as costumes that show off Britney Spears' most iconic outfits.

Based on recent releases, expect to see several Harley Quinns, Cruella De Vils, and Wanda Maximoffs this year.

Of course, some may just wear a normal suit and then say they are part of the "Men in Black," which works, too!