How To Prep Your Skin For A HydraFacial

If you've felt the need to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin with professional treatment, you might have researched HydraFacial. According to A Younger You, the water-based treatment leaves you with skin that is clearer, brighter, and younger-looking without the need for any downtime. 

In 30 minutes, HydraFacial promises you'll have the best skin of your life. Using three steps that clean and peel, extract and hydrate, and fuse and protect, the technology helps you get a great glow in mere moments. It's also different than other forms of microdermabrasion because of its unique extraction system. In addition, HydraFacial claims that the procedure works well for every skin type.

You might not know that you should begin preparing for your HydraFacial treatment as early as six months in advance. If you're not sure what to do before undergoing the cleansing procedure, read on to find out the details. The amount of time you need to prepare might surprise you.

What to do before your treatment

According to A Younger You, you should begin preparing for your HydraFacial at least six months in advance by stopping the use of any products you regularly apply that contain Isotretinoin. If you're unable to cease using these types of products, you should mention that during your consultation to determine whether or not you can proceed.

The rest of your preparation occurs far closer to your treatment, which you might appreciate. For at least two weeks ahead of your HydroFacial, you shouldn't receive any laser treatments, derma fillers, or medium to deep chemical peels. Then one week ahead of time, you should cease any appointments for Botox. With five days left, you should start the hydropeptide or PCA SKIN skincare regimen. With 72 hours until your treatment, you should use high SPF sunscreen and avoid tanning beds, and excessive sunlight, especially between 10 a..m and 2 p.m. 

In the final 48 hours, you should refrain from several things. First, don't use over-the-counter treatments containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Next, be sure you don't wax or use depilatories. Third, don't apply anything containing tretinoin, such as Retin-A, on your skin. Finally, in the last two days before your HydraFacial, avoid exfoliating treatments. One day before your appointment, don't shave your face, and be sure to create a list of all your medications and dosages to share with your provider (via A Younger You).

Who can benefit from HydraFacial

According to A Younger You, nearly anybody can get a HydraFacial. If you want smaller pores, an even skin tone, reduced redness, hydrated skin, brighter skin, and opened pores, then this procedure would likely work well for you. The type of hydradermabrasion in the process works for almost all skin types and a wide variety of skin tones. You can even customize your treatment based on the overall goals you have for the HydraFacial. Options include calming, anti-aging, smoothing, hydrating, and brightening with specialized eye and lip areas opportunities (via HydraFacial).

As with any potential treatment, you should schedule a consultation to see what options and customizations work best for your goals. You can personalize your experience to get the most out of the hydrating and exfoliating procedure. If you have any questions or concerns, your provider will address them at your consultation. Also, be sure you avoid doing these things after your HydraFacial.