This Glossier Product Is A Staple For Everyone On The Gossip Girl Reboot Cast

Cecily von Ziegesar's book still remains the blueprint for the 2021 iteration of New York's private school clique drama. However, other than Kristen Bell, who returns to voice "Gossip Girl" herself, there aren't many similarities between the original series and the new one. Flip phones and old websites are replaced by influencers and Twitter polls, while Blair Waldorf's signature accessory makes way for scarf headbands (per Town and Country). A more diverse cast takes over the Met steps and apart from the general plot line of elite social surveillance, the reboot wears a 2021-appropriate aesthetic.

Eric Daman, the visionary behind the original "Gossip Girl" costumes, looked to imbibe new trends into the ensembles. "Oversized prep school looks," "mismatched earrings," and totes that believe in a cause are some of the trends to spot in the HBO show, he tells Tatler. Similarly, the vanity on set has a makeover, with products from Dragun Beauty and Glossier, the quintessential Gen Z brands. Read on to know which Glossier bottle made its way into the totes worn at Constance Billard.

Every 'Gossip Girl' cast member wore these Glossier products

Like Eric Daman, makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti also worked on the OG "Gossip Girl." She's the lead makeup artist in the reboot, and explained to Refinery29 that every character has makeup tailored to their storyline. "Each character has their own big makeup bag with a mix of tried and true products and what's new and looks cool," she says. However, something that stayed consistent for all was the Glossier Boy Brow ($16) and Brow Flick ($18), which the makeup artist calls "staples for everyone."

"Our approach to eyebrows was really different this time around; we didn't want to tweeze the heck out them," Tagliamonti tells Refinery29. "Instead of focusing on perfection, we used a lot of brow gels and waxes. Emily Lind, who plays Audrey, really loved the soap-brow look, so we did that." The makeup artist also wanted to stay true to the stars' natural beauty. "I always remind myself that these are high school students who go to a prep school. Yes, they are chic, there's a glossiness to them, but I still want them to seem approachable."