Where To Buy The Pheromone Perfume Anna Wore On BIP To Get A Date

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Controversial Bachelor contestant Anna Redman had viewers talking for several reasons when she made her entry onto the beach in "Bachelor in Paradise." Redman became a villain on Season 25 of "The Bachelor" when she made up a false and salacious rumor about one of her fellow castmates, Brittany Galvin (via Daily Beast). She ended up apologizing on the season's "Women Tell All" episode and Galvin accepted her apology, per Elite Daily.

Hoping that she could turn the charm on this time around, Redman brought her own secret weapon to paradise — a pheromone perfume (via Yahoo). Ultimately, Redman scored a date with James Bonsall, which had viewers curious about the seemingly magical potion Redman used on the show. 

If you're wondering what pheromones are in the first place, Scientific American describes them as "compounds that transmit signals between organisms of the same species." Keep reading to see which pheromone perfume oil Redman used and whether or not it worked.

Did the pheromone perfume oil work for Anna?

Since scientists haven't been able to identify specific human pheromones and tie them to consistent reactions across all humans, there isn't solid proof as to whether you can use pheromones to attract men (via Scientific American). However, researchers at Florida State University were able to demonstrate an increase in testosterone levels in men when they were around ovulating women, which shows that your pheromones may act as an enticing scent.

Anna Redman decided to test out this theory on BIP by using Pure Instinct's Pheromone Perfume Oil, which contains Androstenone and Copulin compounds (per Yahoo). According to Pure Instinct, you can wear the oil by itself or apply it over your favorite perfume. The pheromone oil supposedly interacts with your unique skin chemistry to give off a scent that represents the best version of yourself. 

James Bonsall and Redman's churro-inspired date started with the pair covering themselves in cinnamon and sugar, followed by pouring chocolate sauce on each other (via Distractify). After rinsing off, the pair then had massages with snakes on their backs. While the two bonded over their unconventional date, Bonsall ultimately decided to leave the beach on the last episode with his best friend Aaron Clancy (via Bustle). So while the pheromone perfume oil may have helped Redman get a guy, keeping a guy is a whole other story.