Who Is The Bachelor's Anna Redman?

Who is The Bachelor's Anna Redman? When it comes to the reality television juggernaut, few things are more exciting than the beginning of a new season. That's especially the case for season 25 of The Bachelor, which for the first time ever (finally!) is featuring a Black Bachelor, real estate broker and community organizer Matt James. According to Us Weekly, Matt is good friends with former The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron, which brought him into the Bachelor Nation fold.

While Matt is obviously the center of season 25 of The Bachelor, fans also love getting to know the flock of eager ladies who are hoping to steal the former football player's heart. That includes Redman, a 24-year-old copywriter who lives in Chicago, Illinois, as noted by her ABC profile. 

For as much as Redman loves the city she resides in, she's actually from a small town named Owatonna in nearby Minnesota. And for as much as Redman misses the life she lived in rural Minnesota, with its Friday night football and Applebee's dinners, she's always known that she wanted to get out and explore the world. Curious to know more? Keep scrolling, as this is what we know about the new contestant on The Bachelor.

Redman has worked for some pretty impressive companies

According to her LinkedIn profile, Anna Redman has been steadily building her professional life since she graduated from high school in 2014. In 2018, she graduated from Loyola University in Chicago, where she studied creative advertising and communications. After that, Redman entered the workforce full time. "I've done it all, from working highway construction in Minnesota to writing ads in Chicago, and every odd job in between," she wrote. 

Eventually, Redman settled into her job at a company named Havas, where she truly honed her marketing skills. "I've been working in advertising for almost three years," she wrote on her website. "I've managed to stretch my creative muscles on accounts such as Coca-Cola, Moen, Smart Water, Carl's Jr., and Travelocity." That's pretty impressive, especially for someone so young!

While Redman already has quite the budding advertising career, her professional dream is to write screenplays for movies on the Hallmark Channel, as noted by her ABC bio. Good luck with the dream, Anna!

Family is important to Redman

Perhaps not surprising for a girl from small-town Minnesota, Anna Redman is very much a family-oriented person. For one, she's shared snaps of herself with her parents and siblings on social media, like this family Christmas card on her Instagram page — talk about wholesome. Now we can really picture what those Applebee's family dinners looked like.

While Redman is very much fond of her parents and siblings, she also wants to start a family of her own. According to her ABC bio, Redman "wants a man who wants to have a family just as much as she does," as well as someone who can be open and honest when discussing it. That may bode well for her on The Bachelor, as Matt has said that he wants a "minivan" load's worth of children (via People). Perhaps that's why she got the second-to-last rose on the season premier.

Believe it or not, but Redman might even have a famous cousin: there's a good chance she and science guru Bill Nye are actually third cousins, as noted on her website. Apparently, he sends her $10 on birthdays and holidays, which is such a fun fact. If it's true, of course.

Redman calls herself an experience junkie

According to Anna Redman's ABC bio, she has some fun quirks, such as a deep and profound love of cheese, and a serious fear of fish — how Midwestern. And though learning how to change a tire is on Redman's bucket list, what's even more interesting about her is her desire to live a rich life; Redman calls herself an "experience junkie." Apparently, she once persuaded a pilot to let her fly a plane over Minnesota for an entire 15 minutes — yikes!

When Redman isn't charming pilots to relinquish their controls, she does actually enjoy some pretty exciting experiences, which you can readily see on her Instagram page. For one, Redman is clearly a big fan of boats, as she's on them as often as possible, and who can blame her? Redman also enjoys going to concerts when she can, as she did at Lollapalooza in 2018. And of course, Redman loves traveling, whether it's to New York, Las Vegas, London, Paris, or the sunny beaches of the Gulf Coast in Florida. Talk about living the dream!