Here's What Chloe And Toby From Love Island Are Doing After The Finale

"Love Island" UK finalists Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows were one of the standout couples to have emerged from the show's 2021 season, and it's fair to say that the pair's time in the famous villa was pretty tumultuous. As the Daily Mail reported, the duo just missed out on being crowned the Season 7 winners, finishing in second place behind co-stars Millie Court and Liam Reardon. But, what have Aromolaran and Burrows been doing since the "Love Island" UK finale? 

During an interview with The Sun in October 2021, Aromolaran confirmed that he and Burrows are still going strong as a couple and revealed that he's ready to take the next step with his new girlfriend and move into a place together. "She's herself, that's why I love her so much ... We can be ourselves around each other which I've never experienced with anybody before in my life," he revealed. 

Speaking to the publication, he also addressed concerns that the couple might be moving in together too quickly. "We talked about it being too fast," Aromolaran said. "Three months ago we didn't know each other, but when you know it's right, it's right."

Here's what else Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows have been up to.

Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows of 'Love Island' met each others' families

In addition to house hunting, Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows have also been busy meeting each other's families for the first time since leaving the "Love Island" UK villa. As the Mirror reported, Burrows introduced her new boyfriend to her father in London just a few weeks after she visited Aromolaran's hometown of Essex to meet his parents and siblings. 

Like most "Love Island" UK cast members, each has gone on to garner a large following on social media, which PR experts believe could lead to big things for the couple in the near future. Speaking to the Daily Star, Georgia Gadsby, the co-founder and head of public relations at Unearth PR, said that Aromolaran and Burrows have a "positive rapport with the public," adding that she predicts a successful TV show could be on the horizon.

"I predict they could be earning well above the £1.5 million mark after the first couple of years of leaving the show," she told the publication.