Here's What Lucinda From Love Island Is Doing After The Show

Entering the villa on day 8 alongside future "Love Island" winner winner Millie Court, Lucinda Strafford certainly turned the boys' heads as she took three of the already coupled-up islanders on dates (via iNews). Having entered still pretty early on into the series run, Strafford managed to stay in the game for quite some time.

Despite receiving the fewest public votes on Day 16 with Brad McClelland (via Love Island Wiki), Strafford was left in a vulnerable position following the couple's decision to have McClelland leave the villa. Thankfully, Strafford was soon saved by new face Danny Bibby before she decided to couple up with Aaron Francis, with whom she initially went on a date when she first entered the villa.

This coupled-up bliss didn't last long, however, as the two were soon dumped from the villa on day 28 after receiving the fewest votes. But what has Lucinda Strafford been up to since leaving "Love Island"?

Lucinda is 'seeing where things go' with her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Connelly

After returning to her hometown of Brighton on the south coast of England, Strafford was soon rumored to be back with her ex-boyfriend Aaron Connelly, a footballer for Brighton and Hove (via Digital Spy). She eventually confirmed the rumor, telling OK! that they were "sort of talking again" and that while they're "not back together as such" they're "seeing where things go."

Quite soon after Strafford and Aaron Francis were dumped from the island, the couple parted ways despite saying that she "definitely wanted to continue things" with him outside the sunny Spanish isle (via Daily Mail).

"Unfortunately, both of us didn't find actual love in the villa," Strafford told Mail Online after news of their split. "We're great friends, I know that I can come to him for anything." After Brad McClelland insinuated in an interview with Cosmopolitan U.K. that they may rekindle their relationship, Stafford wasn't so keen. Bear in mind that this was before her split with Francis. Now that she seems comfortable back in the arms of Connelly, it could be that McClelland will have to find love elsewhere.