Did Kate Middleton Secretly Get A Hair And Makeup Makeover?

Kate Middleton recently made headlines for her stunning look at the London premiere of the new James Bond film, "No Time to Die." The Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the event on the arm of her husband, Prince William, and nearly stole the show as she rocked a gorgeous gold gown and matching earrings. "Kate had her own Bond girl moment at the 'No Time to Die' premiere," a source told Us Weekly. "She oozed confidence and old-school Hollywood glamour." Kate looked so amazing that she was said to impress everyone, including her husband. "William was in awe of Kate as she led the way down the red carpet, interacting with fans and Charles and Camilla — giving a sense of unity and showing the world that the royal family is still thriving," the insider stated. "She dazzled in the Jenny Packham gown and made front-page news and headlines all over the world because everyone was talking about how amazing she looked."

Kate's gown was said to pay tribute to a gold dress that her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, once wore to a James Bond premiere. "Kate admired Diana's taste in fashion before William came into her life," the source continued. "During her school days she'd tell friends that Diana was her style icon."

Meanwhile, Kate's stunning look at the event has prompted some fans to wonder whether the mother of three may have had a recent makeover.

Experts weigh in on Kate Middleton's makeover

According to Hello! Magazine, Kate Middleton may have secretly transformed her look a bit with a hair and beauty makeover. The Duchess of Cambridge shone brightly at the movie premiere, and it appears she's had a bit of a glow-up. "Kate's red carpet eyes were just dazzling. Her smokey eye makeup was definitely accentuated using false lashes," says makeup artist Sara Sordillo. Skin specialist Abbi Ingram also admitted that Kate's skin was glowing at the event. "Kate's skin has been glowing better than ever before," she said, suggesting that the royal may be using a skin serum to help her complexion.

As for her hair, stylist Tom Smith admits that Kate's locks are looking radiant and healthy these days. "Her hair tells the story of health and luxury while being more playful and youthful. She may have chosen this style for this event to appear more approachable and friendly to ensure a warm reception by the public. She has had a few consecutive appearances recently where her look has definitely become more elevated and fashion conscious."

Kate likely has access to some of the best hair and makeup artists around. However, she manages to look modern and elegant without going over the top, whether she's at a premiere or out shopping with her children. It seems that the duchess will continue to inspire fans across the globe with her stunning style.