Here's What Chuggs From Love Island Is Doing After The Show

Entering the "Love Island" villa after the show has started is a nerve-racking task, especially since you'll probably be tasked with breaking up an already established couple in the process. However, when Oliver "Chuggs" Wallis touched down on the sunny Spanish isle on day four, fans were more concerned about his strange nickname than anything else (via Daily Mail).

It wasn't long before Wallis was honest about his unusual moniker, and it was thanks to his date with Sharon Gaffka that the world discovered that "Chuggs" is a combination of the words "cuddles and hugs" (via Cosmopolitan). Willis didn't get the opportunity to do much of either, though, as he ended up being the first boy dumped from the island just a couple days after he made his mark.

Even though he was only in the villa for a few days, he was a major talking point not only as a result of his nickname but because two islanders, Hugo Hammond and Chloe Burrows knew of him from outside the villa. So, what is Wallis doing now and why was he familiar to some of the contestants?

Chuggs has returned to his successful small business selling bucket hats

Well, Oliver Wallis has had a significant amount of success before entering "Love Island" thanks to his successful bucket hat business — Booby Buckets. During the first coronavirus lockdown, Wallis decided to take an idea that came to him after graduating from Oxford Brookes University and run with it. As a result, the company has now worked with a variety of different clients including schools, sports clubs, universities, and businesses to distribute their adorable bucket hats. 

Wallis credits his love of rugby as the main catalyst for his business venture, and that it seemed "natural to start our journey providing customizations for sports clubs/teams close to home," as his bio reads (via Booby Buckets). It's also through rugby and his time at Oxford Brookes that Hugo Hammond and Chloe Burrows knew of Wallis (via Surrey Live).

Since leaving the villa, Wallis has gone back to running his company full-time and has even branched out from bucket hats to make bum bags as well (via Instagram). He has also reunited with some of the "Love Island" boys following his departure from the villa, and even celebrated the finale with the likes of Brad McClelland, Harry Young, and Jack Barlow (via Instagram).

He also auctioned his signature "Love Island" suitcase on eBay, according to Daily Mirror, with all the proceeds going to the Galapagos Conservation Trust which he also donates to via Booby Buckets.