Here's What Hugo From Love Island Is Doing After The Show

"Love Island" is one of reality television's most popular dating competitions, originating in the U.K. and spawning versions in the United States, Germany, Denmark, and Australia, too. Hugo Hammond appeared on Season 7 of the UK's "Love Island," coupling with Amy before being dumped and eventually eliminated from the competition, per the Mirror.

The 25-year-old physical education teacher from Hampshire, England made history as the first physically disabled contestant featured on the show (per Metro). Hammond, who was born with a clubfoot, recently told the publication he was disappointed conversations he'd had with others about his disability weren't aired. "It's part of why I got involved in the show, because I wanted to try and make that more mainstream, and make people who do have disabilities or do have impairments (know) that it can be mainstream, it doesn't need to hold you back in any scenario," he said.

Hammond hasn't let his departure from "Love Island" slow him down in his goal to advocate for others with disabilities.

He's teased big plans are in the works

Hugo Hammond might not have won love as a contestant on "Love Island," but the handsome PE teacher from England has been making the publicity rounds to discuss his time on the show. He told Metro he hoped to create a platform to encourage people with disabilities to feel encouraged to pursue sports and other physical activities. On Instagram, he has teased he has plans brewing, although he doesn't specify what those plans are. In September, he captioned a photo of himself in front of a cityscape: "Big plans starting to shape up, I can't wait to share them with you." Later, he posted an image of himself alongside the comment, "Let's make sport, health and well-being enjoyable and accessible for all. Let's do this team, lots of fun pending."

Given his love of sports, those plans likely involve a new business venture centered around health and wellness. Whether it's yet to be seen if he's becoming a spokesperson for an organization or joining a new television show, one thing is likely. His fans will probably be seeing more of him in the future. Can't wait to hear more from him? The reality star is offering motivational shout-outs on the celebrity video platform Cameo, which charges a fee (per Daily Mail).