Meet Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby's Boyfriend, Andres Alfaro

It appears popular Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby doesn't have much competition in the fitness world. The "Dancing With the Stars” cast member can really make us bust a sweat on the bike. He has such a strong likability about him that even morning grumps are crawling out of their warm beds in the wee hours of the morning to be a part of his "boo crew." His contagious energy helps. Plus if we're honest, he's not too hard on the eyes. So, who could possibly compete with this man?

Enter Andres Alfaro. A fellow Ken doll-esque instructor who can also rile up a fitness-enthused crowd. He also happens to be Rigsby's boyfriend. The two have been together since 2018, but took some time before becoming more open and forthcoming with their relationship. "I've been a little guarded," admits Rigsby. "But I've recently opened up because so much of what we do [at Peloton] is storytelling and being vulnerable" (via Vogue).

While Rigsby is a Peloton star, Alfaro is just as popular with fitness fans.

Andres Alfaro is also a fitness instructor

There may even be some friendly competition between Cody Rigsby and his boyfriend, Andres Alfaro. Like his Peloton superstar boyfriend, Alfaro is also a fitness instructor. You can find him at Barry's Bootcamp in New York City. "Three words to describe my teaching style would be fierce results, driven, and challenging," he states. Like Rigsby, Alfaro also likes to pepper his followers with personal details about his life revealing, "I can't live without my Nespresso, my guilty pleasure is sleeping in and cream cheese bagels, and my friends would say I'm commanding, and an opinionated queen with a playful sass."

We wonder if they take each other's classes, or perhaps, they give each other instructor tips. Whether their fitness careers have them competing or not, the couple is clearly working hard to have matching six packs. Alfaro's social media is filled with shirtless shots of the two flashing duo rock hard physiques (via Instagram). In one particularly sweet photo of the two, Alfaro captures a shirt-free selfie of the two of them and captions it, "My Squishy," per Instagram. It must be a nickname as their is zero squish in sight.

It is unclear if the two instructors compete with each other or against each other when it comes to fitness. However, it's possible they just prefer to compete over who gets the last Nespresso capsule or even the last bite of the cream cheese bagel. Either way, they are adorable.